Google moves phones and smart devices to the world of augmented reality


Sunday April 11, 2021 04:12 a.m.

Company announced The Google It started by testing new technologies through the WebXR platform, which will give users of devices and smartphones amazing possibilities to enjoy their surroundings in the world of augmented reality, according to what Russia Today said.

Google said in a blog post on the topic, “Augmented and virtual reality gives us the ability to change the reality around us. WebXR combines these two technologies to make them more convenient and easy for users on a large scale.”

The company indicated that its goal from these experiments is to make technologies more useful in practical life, and to enable ordinary users to use them for educational purposes as well.

Among the features that Google has recently reviewed for its platform is the Sodar feature, which enables the user of a phone or smart device to measure the distance between him and others anywhere to maintain social distancing in a time of epidemics, for example.

The second feature, Measure Up, enables the owner of the phone to use the camera of his device to calculate the dimensions and area of ​​any object he sees around it, without resorting to traditional measuring tools.

The third feature, called Floom, enables the phone user to discover the planet Earth in a fun way, by showing him what is located on the other side of the planet from where it is.

Google also plans to add Picturescape to the mobile photo library application so that the user can view his photos with augmented reality technologies.

And Google indicated that any user can enjoy these technologies provided that he owns an Android device that supports the latest version of the Chrome browser through which he can visit the official website of WebXR.

Source : Technology: Google moves phones and smart devices to the world of augmented reality


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