Google Earth gets a Timelapse feature to see how places change in time


Google announced this week the largest update to Google Earth since 2017, which gives users a new feature called Timelapse to see the time change when browsing maps or geographical locations through the program, and Google said it has collected more than 24 million images from Satellite images during the past 37 years, in order to provide a four-dimensional interactive experience in exploring various places on Planet earth.

How to use the Timelapse feature in Google Earth

Google said that the planet Earth has witnessed a rapid environmental change during the past half century more than at any other stage in human history, and that many have suffered from climate change, and added that through the Timelapse feature in Google Earth, everyone will have a clearer picture of the extent of climate change’s impact on Earth. In addition to natural phenomena over the past decades.

How to use the Timelapse feature in Google Earth

Users can explore the temporal change of maps in Google Earth through, use the search bar to choose any place on the planet and see the changes that have occurred on it over time. The feature can also be accessed by opening the program or the Google Earth website and then clicking on the ship helm icon and then choosing the timelapse.

Google said it now provides more than 800 timeline change videos for different places around the world through Which users can take advantage of and download it to their devices, for viewing or reliance on it by governments, researchers, publishers, educators and others.

Google said it will update the new maps feature annually for the next decade

Google collaborated with researchers and experts at Carnegie Mellon University to devise the technology for the Timelapse feature and understand what can be inferred from it, and it found that there are five main topics, namely, forest change, urban growth, high temperatures, energy sources, and the fragile beauty of the planet, i.e. the weak in front of the changes, and Google said that its program Google Earth It now provides a guided tour on each topic to better understand it.

Google confirmed that it will update the new Timelapse feature in Google Earth annually over the next decade, in cooperation with its partners with the aim of providing a new perspective on the planet that encourages discovery and changing views on some important global issues.

Google had announced earlier in 2015 the provision The paid version From Google Earth, Google Earth is free for users, a version that cost $ 400 a year, and in 2017 provided the ability to browse the service. Via the web through the Chrome browser Without the need to install any software for his computer.


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