Google develops price tracking feature for the Chrome browser for Android


The latest version of the Chrome browser for Android has launched a new price tracking feature to alert you about low prices.

This comes after Google suspended the Android shopping app earlier this month to replace it with the web app.

The new feature appeared in version 90 of the Chrome browser, although it does not seem to be available to everyone.

Once activated, Chrome monitors your open tabs for any price drops, and sends you a notification if anything happens.

The feature can be useful for Android app functionality, but is not compatible with price tracking plugins such as Keepa Available for the desktop version of the Chrome browser.

The requirement to keep the tab open in order to track its prices is odd, and Google should find a better solution before the feature is widely released.

And if your Chrome browser version has been updated with the feature, you can turn it on through the Settings menu at the top right of the tab selection screen where it is listed as Track prices.

You can enable the feature manually by going to chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-grid-layout in the address bar, clicking through the drop-down menu, and choosing Enabled Price notifications.

Your browser may need to restart again before the feature appears, however, this technique doesn’t work for everyone.

The news of the price tracking feature in the Chrome browser for Android comes just months after Microsoft’s Edge browser added a price comparison tool, which was followed shortly after by built-in support for coupon and promotional codes.

Mozilla’s Firefox browser also tried its price tracking feature again in 2018 called Price Wise, although it hasn’t appeared to have officially received the feature since then.


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