Google denies rumors about the cancellation of the Pixel 5a 5G phone … and confirms its launch date


Google has gone out of its silence to deny all the rumors circulating about canceling the upcoming Pixel 5a phone, saying it will launch the Pixel 5a 5G later this year.

The phone will be available in the US and Japan around the same time last year’s Pixel 4a was launched, which should be in August.

These rumors began to circulate earlier today by the YouTuber, stating that the Pixel 5a production process was canceled due to a lack of chipsets, and sources began to circulate this rumor later.

The rumor was later denied by a Google spokesperson via 9to5Google. It is worth noting that rumors have mentioned the Pixel 5a phone, while Google has mentioned the Pixel 5a 5G specifically, knowing that it has not been determined whether there will be a version 5a separate from 5a 5G from the ground up.



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