Google decides to close this smartphone app


I decided Google Inc. Close the dedicated Google Shopping app For smart phones During this quarter, it will continue to support users via the browser.

The Google Shopping application is scheduled to be available until June, with the search giant to begin finalizing the application on the Android and iOS platform during the same month.

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He revealed Google’s upcoming plans to close this application via the XDA developers, as it spotted code indicating that the application was closed on the phone, so Google provides this service via the browser only.

Google launched the Google Shopping application for smartphones for the first time in 2019 in the United States, where the application provides services for personal shopping on the phone, but this application did not achieve great popularity among users.

The Google Shopping application has provided users with an advantage in collecting products in lists from different sales outlets, to provide users with the opportunity to compare prices. The application also sends alerts to users when asking prices that the user is looking for for a specific product, or when new offers appear on products.


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