Google closes its mobile shopping app


Google is notorious for killing apps and services, and it appears the search giant may have found its next victim, as it is reported that it is preparing to close its mobile shopping apps for both iOS and Android and directing users to the online shopping site instead.

According to a series of code found in the latest version of the Google Shopping app, Google is preparing to uninstall the mobile app.

A Google spokesman said: The applications will continue to work until June, and within the next few weeks, we will not support the Shopping application anymore.

He added: All functions provided by the application to users are available on the shopping tab, and we continue to create features within the shopping tab and other Google interfaces, including the Google application, that make it easier for people to discover the products they love and shop from them. stays active, where you can see new features, such as price statistics, to help you get the best deal online.

The application allowed users to choose from thousands of online stores and make purchases using their Google accounts, and its slogan was “Quickly shop through thousands of stores and buy things using your Google account.”

The app description says: When you buy with Google, your order is backed by a Google warranty – with simple returns and customer support 7 days a week.

One user found that the Android app was still functioning normally, but some users were seeing a “Something went wrong” message when they tried to use the Shopping app.

The Shopping mobile app is the latest product from Google to join its cemetery, which includes many services and applications, such as: Google Reader, Hangouts, Plus, Expeditions, and the list goes on.

And there is an entire website called Killed By Google that highlights all the things Google has killed over the years, totaling more than 200 projects.

The shutdown comes as Google is expanding its search functionality, image search and YouTube shopping functionality, with increasing benefits from augmented reality.


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