Google celebrates Nour Al-Sharif on the 75th anniversary of his birth – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The global search engine “Google” celebrated the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Egyptian artist Nour El-Sherif, by changing his logo on the site and placing a painted picture of the great Egyptian star.

Nour al-Sharif was born on April 28, 1946, in the Al-Khalifa neighborhood in the center of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and fate wanted his father to leave before completing his first year, so his uncle Ismail bore the burden of his upbringing and care.

In 1967, Nour Al-Sharif obtained a diploma from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts with distinction, and he was the first in his class. After that, the great theater director Saad Ardash nominated him to participate in the play “Back Streets”. Hassan Al-Imam, who admired his artistic ability and made a bet on him in the movie “Qasr Al-Shawq”

His work continued on the cinema screen, and was encouraged and supported by the actress Bossi, as the love affection united them, and after a love that lasted two years, the marriage took place, and they gave birth to “Sarah and Mai”, and after many years, disputes arose between them and the surprise of the divorce in 2006.

“Nour” suffered a lot because of the separation, and he made a great effort to correct the situation and restore the love of his life. A few months before he departed from life, Bossi returned to him.

In 2014, Nour Al-Sharif began withdrawing from artistic life, and apologizing for participating in new work, the reason was the deterioration of his health, as he had lung cancer, and for a cure he traveled abroad, and his health did not improve, and on August 11, 2015, he passed away from life.

Google, from time to time, is keen to celebrate the memory of a number of Arab artistic, cultural and scientific icons on its official page. The last period witnessed the celebration of a number of late Arab personalities.



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