Google adds a new unique feature


Google is trying regularly to support its users, and within these efforts the company added a new feature in its applications and services for maps.

As well as determining the places to be searched.

And Google upgraded its services by providing a side panel in Google Workspace applications, which provides quick access to “Calendar”, “Tasks” and, most recently, “Voice”.

Google Calendar on the web features an add-on for Google Maps that makes it quick to access via the calendar side panel.

Now when creating events, the location field features a map icon to open the panel to that location, and this feature is available to all Google Workspace clients, and is rolling out now.

The new update added a new feature allowing you to quickly see location details and reviews.

In addition to making sure you have the correct address for an event, this integration also enables you.

Add flights to your calendar to help you get on time by knowing the time of departure.

The forecast traffic is also used in the future time of the event to better estimate the travel time.

In the original version of the software, the Google Maps icon appears under Keep and Tasks at

Clicking Upload results in a search field and map display, with two tabs for both Recent and Saved.

The first tab is populated with queries from your other logged in devices, while the second tab allows you to browse groups and lists.

An additional search feature is that there are three suggested categories to search, which are grocery, fast food, and hotel.

Once you select a location, you can see it in the map. Several shortcuts are also available such as directions, save, send to your phone and copy the link.

You can open the full list to see business hours, phone number, reviews, and suggestions for what people are looking for as well.

Meanwhile, the directions feature provides a complete experience with all possible routes shown.

Along with alternate travel modes, at any time, you can open the current screen in for a larger view.


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