Good news for iPhone and Android holders .. Activating WhatsApp chat transfer soon


The new update will include the awaited feature

Transferring WhatsApp conversations is one of the most important things that the user looks forward to when changing his mobile phone, but when changing from an iPhone to Android device or vice versa, this matter is closer to the impossible. Therefore, the world’s most popular chat application “WhatsApp” seeks to launch a new feature that will enable Users can transfer messages from iPhone to Android device or vice versa.

According to GSMArena, the new WhatsApp update for iOS and Android will include the long-awaited feature, which will allow users to transfer conversations between iOS and Android phones, and vice versa.

The popular app indicated that the main problem in developing this feature was the difference in data storage. Android systems store the backup copy of their data on Google Drive, while the iOS system stores their data in iCloud.

The company has not specified when the feature will be launched for regular users, although some users in the test group have seen the feature in the latest update.

In response to some applications’ claim to be able to transfer WhatsApp conversations from an iPhone to an Android device, the company says that this step violates the terms of service.


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