Global Health warns of the transmission of new diseases from animals to humans


The organization stressed, in a joint statement with the World Organization for Animal Health and the United Nations Environment Program, that “animals, especially wild ones, are the source of more than 70 percent of infectious diseases emerging in humans, and many of them are caused by new viruses.”

And the transmission of the new Corona virus to humans from animals is one of the most likely hypotheses recommended by experts commissioned by the United Nations to verify the origin of the virus.

Source was Corona Virus There has been intense speculation for more than a year, but most of it has focused on its possible source Bats Which transferred it to humans by selling it as food or medicine in traditional Chinese markets, knowing that the epidemic first appeared in Wuhan, central China.

And shed World Health Organization Shed light on the risk of direct transmission of emerging infectious diseases to humans who deal with the bodily fluids of an infected animal, and I inferred the “additional risks” of catching infection in places where such animals are present or sites that could be contaminated with such animals. Viruses.

“The traditional markets of the world can play a major role in providing food and livelihoods for a large number of people,” the World Health Organization said in a statement. Banning the sale of animals It can protect the health of people, whether they work there or who shop there. “

The World Health Organization joined the World Organization for Animal Health and the United Nations Environment Program in its analysis that led to the issuance of the new recommendations.


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