Get to know the makers of Sherihan ads news


After years of absence, Sherihan appeared on the screen in a new advertisement for one of the major telecommunications companies.

The advertisement achieved the visual enjoyment that we have become accustomed to with Sherihan over the years, and the reviews appeared dazzling and caught the attention of the artist’s fans hungry to see her.

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And of course, behind this dazzling vision, which was widely praised by the audience, an entire team stands behind the cameras and gets to know them:

A song with some of the most powerful lyrics of the lyric poet Menna Adly Al-Qai’i, and the melodies are signed by composer Ihab Abdel Wahid and distributed by Amin Bouhafa.

As for the person responsible for the appearance of the artist, Sherihan, is the stylist, Mai Jalal, and the shows by Hani Abaza, and the décor bore the signature of Eng. Ahmed Shaker Khudair, and the director of photography is Ahmed Morsi.

And Sherihan had written a message to her fans before returning to the screen again and she said, “Is the age in which is how many seconds and a minute and an hour or a month and a year to live with you with you and among you?. I am living a sincere human moment, a moment of bending thanks from my heart and my life to all of you without arrangement or exception, a moment I waited So much for a beautiful response in my neck from September 2002, my feelings are all confused but happy. ”

She explained: “I used to write, with books and books, letters that are so unknowable only by my Lord, and I sent them to you, and I dreamed of a second embracing me and a bow. I thanked all of you, but all were from one side. I want to enter a house, an alleyway, a street, a street, a neighborhood, every neighborhood, a city, and a village. ”

Sherihan added: “On these generous days and this great month, I want to tell you that I am more thankful than very much. You loved me you respected me, embraced me, your love and your prayers healed me, and you will heal me … Thank you and 100 million thanks and a kiss on the forehead of everyone, starting from the youngest child and Egyptian citizen to the last A human being in the world … Thank you. ”

Sherihan continued her conversation with the audience in a subsequent series of tweets: “There is no discussion in it, there are no meanings of words in my dictionary. I can explain to you the desolation of my soul and my heart to you, especially in this holy month, and the truth in your love, appreciation and respect is real. And the next is coming for you more beautiful, and I trust in your will, strength and determination. I trust the general population, trust us together, because you or we are life with all its challenges.

Sherihan concluded her message: “I repeat … as long as we are alive, as long as life continues, and today he will go, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow, God willing, is coming. Forever … Your love is life, Ramadan Kareem … Sherihan. ”

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