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Germany’s Halle city council has suspended the mayor, Bernd Wiegand, from work Monday (April 12, 2021) for an indefinite period.

The council said that Vigand had received an anti-Corona vaccine, bypassing his ranking on a list Priority groups for getting vaccinatedThis damaged confidence in the city council.

The head of the city council, Katia Mueller, who is a fan of the Left Party, said that she personally handed the decision taken by the city council to him, explaining that the decision is effective.

Mueller said that Vigand can appeal the order and immediate implementation, expressing her expectation that the mayor of the city will take legal steps, stressing that the decision was delivered in an “objective and rational way.”

Halle City Council decided in an emergency meeting last Wednesday to suspend Vigand from work, after the mayor and several city councilors received vaccinations early in their turn.

Vigand has rejected the charges against him and has rejected calls to resign. The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Halle is investigating the Wiegand case for misappropriation of vaccination doses.

Disciplinary measures against the city mayor over the vaccination scandal are still pending before the administrative authorities of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

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