General / God Almighty’s will … the disappearance of Mars behind the moon tomorrow, Saturday, and their conjunction half an hour after sunset in the sky of the Kingdom. The Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh 04 Ramadan 1442 AH corresponding to April 16 2021 AD SPA
The planet Mars disappears tomorrow, Saturday at 15:10 pm Kingdom time behind the moon – God Almighty’s will – in an astronomical phenomenon called occultation, which is somewhat similar to the disappearance of the sun behind the moon in an eclipse and this lasts for 60 minutes, and after sunset the conjunction of Mars will be seen in the sky of the kingdom The moon is clearly visible to the naked eye after they reach the lowest angle distance between them throughout the year by 0.1 degree, and it is one of the seven conjunctions that will be witnessed in 2021 AD between these two celestial bodies.
This was explained to “SPA”, the head of the astronomy and space sciences department at King Abdulaziz University, Dr. Hassan Muhammad Asiri, and said: The phenomenon of occultation can be seen in limited parts of the Asian continent, where the night begins for them, while in other regions of the world it cannot be seen because it will occur in daylight hours. The phenomenon will be repeated – God willing – again for Mars next December, while the conjunction of Mars and the Moon can be seen tomorrow, Saturday, in the Kingdom with the naked eye above the western horizon, half an hour after sunset.
Dr. Hassan Asiri stated that the phenomenon of occultation occurs when a celestial body disappears behind the moon or behind another celestial body, and this phenomenon is repeated between the moon and the stars from one period to another – God willing – while it occurs less often between the moon and the planets.
And he indicated that in very rare cases a planet will cross in front of another planet, and Venus will cross in front of Jupiter 44 years from now.
He pointed out that the conjunction of the moon and Mars occurs when two celestial bodies are located close to each other on the same celestial longitude, and upon conjunction, the two stars appear to the viewer as they are next to each other, while in reality they are separated by a vast distance.
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