Geagea visited the Maronite Order: When we give up the ethics and spirituality of monastic orders, our existence ceases to exist.


The President of the Forces Party, Samir Geagea, noted, after his Maronite monastic visit to congratulate the new President General, Abbot Pierre Negm, that “some forget that our society is a monastic society par excellence, and when we give up the ethics and spirituality of monasticism, our existence ceases to exist. We are very pleased. On this occasion, we look forward to continuing the march together. We have experienced difficult circumstances throughout history, and we must reach the point where we are looking forward to goodness as a price for the struggle in the service of society. “

For his part, Abbot Negm drew the mutual appreciation and love that the forces did not hold back to the Marian monasticism, noting at the same time the thought and values ​​that the party and its leader carry and what they mean in terms of concern for the homeland and Christian institutions. “Our presence is a message that extends over the past few decades we lived through steadfastness and resistance, thanks to what must be adhered to, especially at this stage of solidarity and cooperation.


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