Gaza is the title of steadfastness, not drugs


The Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan does not stop making the noise around him. After his open fight with Amr Adib, and the widespread criticism that befell him after an actor appeared with him imitating the artist Ismail Yassin, in a poor way in the series “Musa” (written by Nasser Abdel-Rahman – directed by Muhammad Salama), he is in the crossfire again. This time, the people of Gaza, who rose up yesterday, attacked him on social media platforms in anger, after the fifteenth episode of “Musa” was broadcast. Ramadan appeared as “Musa”, who goes to Gaza by train, to bring from there “goods” to the teacher and Hiba (Sayed Rajab), meaning drugs, after he accepted the latter’s offer.

With this scene, which depicts Gaza as a coker for drugs and contraband, the Palestinians rose up on Twitter specifically and launched hashtags calling for a boycott of the series, and they did not rule out the intentional involvement of the Egyptian intelligence services for this accusation and the offensive image of Gaza in the Ramadan drama. The tweeters are also calling for Ramadan to closely get to know Gaza, which is still under Israeli siege, and the daily targeting, and about the sector from which the heroes and martyrs who established the occupation came out. It is noteworthy that the series is set in the 1940s, and it tries to demonstrate the resistance of Al-Sa`ida to the British occupation.

“Musa”: 19:30 on dmc, 22:00 on mbc1


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