Fujifilm announces a premium instant camera for selfie lovers


Fujifilm announces a premium instant camera for selfie lovers

Fujifilm, a Japanese company, has unveiled its latest instant cameras, which are designed to be among the most practical and easy-to-use personal cameras.

One of the most distinctive features of this camera from its instant counterparts currently on the market is that it is equipped with a small mirror on the frame of its lens that helps the user to take selfies, in addition to the fact that the lens itself is designed to pull out slightly to improve the focus if the user decides to use it for selfies and photography. Close objects.

The new Instax mini 40 has also got features that help it adjust the shutter speed and adjust flash settings and other settings automatically to get excellent quality and precision images in various lighting conditions.

As for the body of this camera, it weighs only 330 g, made of metal and plastic made of special carbon fibers, and its dimensions are (104/121/65) mm.

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Fujifilm has provided it with enough films to show 10 instant pictures, and a feature that helps to print data on the photo frame in red line in a distinctive way, and the price of this camera is only about $ 100.

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