From Police College to “Chicago Street”!


Fifteen years ago, on the “Tasqaia” plate in a fava bean restaurant in the Damascus Messat Square, Mahran and his childhood friend Kanan pledged not to separate each other no matter what happened, and they would not even allow studies to separate them, and they agreed that this would only be by choosing the same university specialization that would guarantee them Work in the same profession in the future. But Mahran failed to convince his friend of the project that his family had drawn for him since his birth until he had dug holes in his mind and became his only dream, which is to study law and then join the Police College to be a respected and revered police officer. As Kanan has another dream, which is to study at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and become an actor. As Mahran the boy had a great passion for art, although he was not yet able to clearly touch him, perceive his identity and grasp its details, the idea thrilled him to the point of giving up his original dream, only to find his way to acting soon after, and today he becomes one of the young stars in Syria. The irony is that his friend Kenan is today a police officer! The boy in the above story is the Syrian actor Mahran Neamo, who did not wait to study at the institute to fulfill his dream. After a few months of the “watering” session, and before he even got his baccalaureate degree, he was standing in front of the artist Bassam Koussa in his first television scene with director Bassam Al Mulla, who He chose him to play the role of the boy Fahd in the first part of the famous “Bab Al-Hara” series (written by Marwan Kawouk and Kamal Marra / 2006). With the succession of the series, and the increase in the number of his characters to the point where the viewer’s memory could not comprehend them, the makers of the work did not find a problem in assigning different roles to him in the subsequent parts (Officer in the fifth part, and Asim in the eighth and ninth parts), but he did not get his chance early It prompts him to abandon his dream of studying at the higher institute from which he graduated in 2014, participating in the theatrical show “Hysteria” (written and directed by the artist Jihad Saad) as a graduation project for the batch that included him with Walaa Azzam, Mai Al-Salim and others, in the presence of director Mohamed Abdel Aziz, to get afterwards. Roles that did not fully meet his ambition in several series, most notably “Mightyah” (written by Ali Wajih and Yamen Hajli and directed by Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed / 2015) and “We start from where the story is” (written by Fadi Qoshoggi and directed by Saif Subaie / 2016) and “I am not a maid” (written by Fatah Allah Omar and directed by Naji Toami / 2017).
With the shift in the concerns of production companies and their conditions after the year 2011 and the dwindling opportunities enjoyed by graduates due to the decline in production, Mahran had to wait until the year 2019 to get the opportunity that will form his actual start through the role of “Subhi” in the series “When the wolves grow old” (writing Hazem Suleiman, based on a novel by Jamal Naji, directed by Amer Fahd), and Subhi is a good young man with a weak personality under the influence of his mother’s upbringing, who exaggerates her concern for him and expects him to be under her control, being exploited by Sheikh Abd al-Hamid al-Janzeer (Sallum Haddad) and Azmi (Anas Tayara), and after many pressures he suffers Under her weight, he contemplates suicide.
As for the qualitative change in Naamo’s career, it will be in the character of “Al-Qaq” in the series “Chicago Street” (writing a writers’ workshop about a story by Muhammad Abdulaziz and his direction / 2020), and Al-Qaq is the comic character who broke the intensity of the dramatic event in the series based on excitement and suspense. When the clues of the murder of singer Miramar (Slav Fawakherji) were exposed in the sixties of the last century, decades after the crime, the character returns to the owner of a box, an alcoholic addict, who lures children into his merchandise by enticing them to see “Antar and Abla”, which is the coded name for the pornographic images that they are allowed to view Secretly, for a few pennies, enough to pay for a bottle of drink in one of the many brews in the famous street, but his ambition, which will later go beyond obtaining his need for alcohol, will lead him to an end that does not resemble his comic character.
In an interview with Al-Akhbar, Naamou believes that the success of the character of Al-Qaq cannot be separated from the success of the work as a whole, as the logic of the “workshop” was present in all its details. And if he gave the character its identity through his personal effort and worked to revive it in his own way, from the costume to the hairstyle to the accent and vocabulary that is not originally present in the text and which the character constantly repeats, such as “Battata” and “Abab”, then he gives thanks to the open mentality of the director Muhammad Abdel Aziz, who listens to the actor and talks about how to present the character without imposition and dictation, considering that he was always lucky with the directors who had the opportunity to stand in front of their camera and at their forefront is Amer Fahd, who owes him a lot and reminds him of his professional and distinguished dealings with everyone, and Bassel Al-Khatib, who describes him as « Al-Raheih »for everyone who works with him thanks to his positive interaction with everyone (and he worked with him as a gravedigger in the series” The Guard of Jerusalem “about the biography of Archbishop Hilarion Kabogi), and finally Muhammad Abdel Aziz, who has the greatest credit for him and absolute faith in his talent since he saw him in his graduation project years ago, As well as Hussam Salama, executive director on “Chicago Street”.
Nemo considers that “Chicago Street” owes its success to everyone who participated in it, headed by Abdel Aziz, who carries a great energy of love that can ensure the success of any work. He is surprised at the criticisms that have faced the series, considering that the daring in it is not in the negative sense that some of those who followed him with interest went to him and criticized him harshly. ! He believes that all the scenes that have been criticized are dramatically justified, and that it is natural that the details of the series are consistent with the nature of the place in which its events take place, which is a street full of beverages and nightclubs and in which problems abound.
In contrast to “Chicago Street”, which will have the opportunity to show a second on a number of stations during the month of Ramadan (“The National Broadcasting Network”, “Lana” and “Weyak Platform”), Nemo will be absent from the Ramadan season this year, as he told “Al Akhbar” that he had received Offers to participate in a number of works, but the roles granted to him were not as good as he hoped under the rule that he set for himself: “If you are not able to take a step forward, keep the place you have reached.”


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