From literature to science … Moroccan develops “solar electricity” project


This passionate researcher managed Technology Those interested in the environment and plants, to rely on limited capabilities, developed his own project for “solar electricity”, which is a technical project related to a solar capture platform, which can be dismantled, re-installed, and moved from one place to another, unlike most of the fixed platforms in this field.

And about this The projectWho worked on it for four years, Abdul Latif Mosaddegh said in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, that it is one of the most important technical projects that he always dreamed of before it was realized on the ground, and that the solar electricity project is the result of his personal effort and his modest technical experience. In the field of electricity, transformers, capacitors, and other conductive and semi-conductive electronic components.

And he indicates that he does not claim invention and precedent, as projects Electricity Solar energy, or what is known as solar energy, has many applications on the ground and from the implementation of the world’s largest companies specialized in the manufacture of supplies and equipment for solar electricity, which is a great field for competition, and what he has worked on is “the implementation of this project of my efforts and my limited capabilities available, and I have worked to adapt the requirements of This project is to be done in the cheapest possible cost.

“The new thing that I’ve worked on is developing a platform,” he said Solar Panels To become capable of disassembling, installation and re-installation with the possibilities of moving the platform equipment from one place to another place, it is more like a portable platform, if you can use it, and it enables the production of 12 kilowatts per day, which is equivalent to the consumption of two medium-sized homes of electricity per day.

Great effort

And about the reason for choosing the name “Solar electricityAwad “solar energy”, Mosaddegh explains, “The effect of sunlight is indirect from the side of power generation. Rather, it only works on electrical stimulation in contrast to the electricity generated by the force of water or air rushes. Therefore, we find some difference between electrical transformers for electric current, which is generated by Sunlight, transformers for electric current generated by the rush of water or wind, and other dynamic tools such as sea waves, tidal movement, and so on. “

He confirms that the work of this solar system has been tested for more than two years, in various weather conditions and fluctuations, and within the limits of the summer and minimum temperatures of winter, Registered in the Marrakesh Basin, where the university professor resides, and that the results were very satisfactory, as “the percentage of dispensing with the public grid reached 70 percent on relatively dark days, and by 100 percent on sunny days, and solar panels can be reduced or increased as needed.” And according to the nature of the usual electrical consumption. “

The platform’s towing and charging capacity is 1400 watts per hour, enabling it to operate Electrical appliances High voltage during the day, directly from the solar panels after the voltage conversion process, such as electric ovens, washing machines, dishes and the like of other electrical appliances prepared for normal household use.

Regarding his interest in these subtle technical matters, the university professor specializing in teaching ancient Arabic literature at the Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakesh mentions that he has technical inclinations from a young age, and a great curiosity in dealing with all technical devices, as he accumulated his own experience in this field without studying, He said, “There is a difference between manual professional and academic specialization. I consider this one of my hobbies, and at home I repair all devices myself, and this is what made it easy for me to implement this project, which can be expanded indefinitely according to the available capabilities.”

He indicates that this project started small and then grew gradually until it became in this final form that he presented on his Facebook page, where he began experimenting with a regular battery and a single solar panel that does not exceed 100 watts, and then began to gradually increase the size of this project, and this process was marred by many Of the successes and failures, but what is important in every project is persistence and not giving up, he says.

In addition to this project, Mr. Abdul Latif Mosaddegh says that he has a project under implementation, which is “Lithium battery“Recyclable and disassemble with simple tools and modest cost.”

He explains, “This battery is based on the idea of ​​recycling, as I collect lithium battery cells from the scrap market, check them and choose the good ones, then enter them into a new manufacturing cycle. The basic idea of ​​this project is to make a battery only with locally available capabilities, and more than that, this battery can be dismantled.” Several times and changing some of its cells that can be damaged by use, and all its components except cells are available and their cost is very simple. “

It should be noted that the demand for lithium; The chemical element, one of the most important components of small batteries, has risen in recent years, because it is the mineral that can save the Earth’s climate and reduce global consumption of fossil fuels.

And lithium batteries are the batteries of the future, because they are extracted in environmentally friendly ways, they can be used in cars and other devices, and they can also be adopted in Electricity generationAside from being used in the manufacture of smartphones and laptops.


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