Fortnite is another character “Aloy” from Horizon Zero Dawn


As recent data revealed, Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy and (upcoming Horizon Forbidden West) are joining Fortnite, so let’s get to know the new package.

“Aloy” is part of the Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle that arrives April 15 at the Item Shop and also includes the Blaze Canister, Glinthawk’s umbrella, and Aloy’s Spear ax, there’s also a Heart-rizon and some luggage that gives us a Horizon vibe.

Although the items will be available individually, you also get the Skywatcher loading screen as a bonus. Those who purchase Aloy Outfit on PS5 can also unlock the Ice Hunter Aloy outfit based on the Banuk Ice Hunter outfit, and in addition, there is the Aloy Trophy which is Players can compete in it to unlock the Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle early on.

For those who do not have enough money to purchase the new package, there is a limited time mode coming which is “Team Up!” “Aloy and Lara” who sees Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft working with Aloy, one player will start with either “Aloy” or “Lara” while his teammate will assume the role of the other character, and each character has its own weapons.

Limited time mode will start on April 16th and end on April 18th.

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