Football … from a tear to a laugh


What happened in the face of Bayern Munich against Paris Saint-Germain this year in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and in their match in the final of the tournament last year?

  • Neymar after facing Bayern Munich this season
    Neymar after facing Bayern Munich this year

Football is not just a contest to win, goals and titles. The ball moments. Ball is like life. On a day of joy, and on a day of heartbreak. One day a laugh, and a day a tear. The ball is also, and most importantly, ethics and sportsmanship, no matter how intense the competition in matches.

This is what we always see, especially in the major tournaments, including the most important European Champions League in the world for clubs, which everyone watches.

The day before yesterday, there was great competition in the stadium between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals. The players give their all on the field and compete fiercely for every ball, as was the case in the first leg. Great shots during the match, but the most amazing was after its end, when the players exchanged greetings, and in one of them, most notably, when the Brazilian star Neymar condolences the players of the Bavarian team for their loss.

The irony is that less than a year ago, in the match between the two teams in the final of the tournament, and after its end, it was the team’s players who comforted Neymar for his loss. This is how the sporting spirit that should be the basis of football was revealed.

Another scene was striking, and its hero was Neymar as well. As soon as the match ended, Neymar unleashed his joy in a way that seemed to be unbelievable to win, in front of Joshua Kimmich, what some considered a provocation from the Brazilian star to the German star, especially after Kimmic had promised Saint-Germain before the match that he would lose. The Bavarian team, but Neymar denied this and explained that Kimmich happened to be in front of him at the whistle at the end of the match, and this is true, especially since the Brazilian star went to the Bavarian players to salute them and their condolences as happened with Alaba.

The story is not here. Rather, the paradox that shows the state of football and its fluctuations between joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, as the scene of Neymar himself was touching in the final match against Bayern Munich also last year when he cried in sorrow after the loss.

So football is like this. Feelings, feelings, sportsmanship and morals, not just a ball to be hit.

  • Neymar after facing Bayern Munich last year
    Neymar after facing Bayern Munich last year


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