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Adopting New Technologies and Design Factors is Key to Enhancing Productivity and Supporting Growth Written by Marawan Bsat, General Manager, Lenovo, Saudi Arabia

the trust TheTechniques TheNew andTheFactors Design-specific It is the key to strengthening Productivity and growth support

By Marwan Bsat, General Manager of the company Lenovo in KSA

The workforce changed forever As a result of the spread pandemic Covid-19. AndLed transformation To work Away For office environments to Appearance of aenormous A remote workforce Are seeing it Absolutely، Where had become Many worksyen From home for the first time This year.

Although From That this shift thBig It undoubtedly came with some challenges, However, it has also been reported a plus Big in Productivity andFlexibility As a major advantage forThe new business style. و .صبح Experts now believe that this remote work experience will have a lasting impact in the future. AndTechnology will play a roleً More important than ever Through Sun modeaP decision for new strategies this year.

Accordingً , Feel 77% From employees that companies will be more openً And S.Encourage Staff on Work remotely once you pass this period. AndThought 52% From the participants that they will continue BWork from home more than they did before Pandemic spread Covid-19. AndWith Appearance of These new ideas, forcedT Companies To rethink and reshape the way that TMonastery by his worksa لتحقيق His goalsa The term thSRep AndThefar. AndLonger reexamination of the role of technology In improving the experience aFor employees Who are working Remote andin a Offices andin a way hybride More urgentToday since when.

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The line between personal and professional devices has become highM work from anywhere Today is unclear. Today we are seeing the welcome of the staff Throughout thScientist To work away From the office، Than FeelBoth WingLink to their device that makes “the desk” he is Anywhere these technologies are located. AndThis led to the need for modern, customizable devices AndShe can adapt With any Environmente. AndFirms will need to confront This the challenge Andinnovation Technicalات New ltوفيير TheSolutions TheFlexible aTo meet your requirements Life Its employees Household andOwn bthe work.

These new business environments require the next wave of developmentsCenYeh. Here comes the role of AltCenOhT Foldable، PTechnology Personal computer Innovative foldableً Pioneerً It launches a new category and redefines the way users interact with their devices. AndIt allows users to be more flexible in use Their techniques are at home regardless of location. AndNetنSay at work About after today BOur computers Portable It is in our hand From TheOffice or TheSofa or even We are On the treadmill. Anddid not نGo back need to sit at Place “Home office” or in one place all day long. AndInstead, it will save theDesign New toFor personal computers Foldable is possibleات التTransfer and multiplicity TheUses Non ThePreceded.

User experience research indicates that users move a lotً Between phone, tablet, and wallComputer Mobile are looking for Device With different capabilities and benefits. AndTُسقط These ideas highlight the new need for devices to be multifunctional while keeping them as small as possible. AndYrStupid everybody In the end BExperiment Computer Portable without the need to Transport Computer Portable. AndGive youM Technicalات Foldable Feature Get multiple devices in one elegant solution without compromising performance.

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The next generation of T.Cannulas Foldable From inspiration From User experience today، وسيستمر Anticipate the future needs of consumers in pushing wheel Forward innovation. و .صبح first Personal computer Foldable in the world is now available in theaسوaS، It contains an optional keyboard, digital pen, and other accessories To save Unparalleled user experience. AndWhen paired with it Technically 5G، Can be a computer ThinkPad X1 Fold Machine usersAndMobile atve Superoxidee From Stay on Constant connection. AndWill continue has evolved Personal computers Foldable to different screen sizes as well as rotatable screens.

Companies sought On the heels of this shift to remote work، Strivingً To transferيR That transformation On business continuity. And it became necessary Now youLook at the benefits The long term it provides Increased flexibility andTo invest In the th waveNew من التIncluding modern cannulas

Is available Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Pre-order now at the retail price of 14,999 SR, It comes equipped withً With a small foldable bluetooth keyboard and active stylus.

To register a pre-order on first Computer Foldable in the World, please visit:

Computer will be launched X1 Fold In stores at the beginning of 2021.

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