FilGoal | News | The final of the Egyptian Cup for the basket has ended – Al-Ahly (76) (78) Al-Ittihad … the 13th title of the Alexandria team


Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad are competing for the Egyptian Basketball Cup title for the 2020-2021 season. offers live and live coverage of the final match, moment by moment.


The match ended with Al-Ittihad winning, 76-78

Q 0: 8 Al-Ahly 74-78 Al-Etihad of Alexandria

Q1: 37 Ehab Amin records two free throws for Al-Ahly.

Q2: 11 Fouda scored a hat-trick, making Al-Ahly 64-73 Al-Ittihad

Q3: 22 Marvel Harris scores two points and gets an additional throw, which he scores successfully, to make Al-Ittihad lead 60-69

Q3: 37 The match was stopped due to the injury of Dole

Q3: 49 Trio from Youssef Shousha to lead Al-Ittihad 60-66

Q4: 15 Jackson scored a hat-trick for Al-Ahly, to reduce the difference and make the score 60-63

Q5: 24 Medo Taha scores two points for Al Ittihad, making the score 57-63

Q6: 44 Mustafa Fouda scores a hat-trick to lead Al-Ittihad with a score of 55-61

Q6: 59 Mido Taha continues the hat-trick and the result becomes 55-58

Q7: 13 Mido Taha scores a hat-trick, and Amr Al-Jundi replies to it, making the score 55-55

Q 8: 49 Triple Amr Al-Jundi, so the score, 52-51, returns to Al-Ahly

Q9: 45 Triple from Mido Taha to lead Al Ittihad with a score of 49-51

The beginning of the fourth quarter

The end of the third quarter, Al-Ahly advanced 49-48

Q 0: 5 Youssef Shousha scored a hat-trick, reducing the difference to Al-Ittihad

Q1: 08 Marvel Harris scores a brace to make it 47-45

Q3: 03 Jackson scores 5 consecutive points, making it 47-39

Q5: 16 A wonderful pass from Amr Al-Jundi to Omar Tariq, who scored directly to make the score 42-38

Q5: 59: Jackson scored a hat-trick to make Al-Ahly 40-36 Al-Ittihad

Q7: 17 Haitham Kamal tied for Al Ittihad to make the score 36-36

Q8: 22 Donvan Jackson scores two free throws for Al-Ahly, making the score 36-34

Q8: 45 A new hat-trick by Amr Al-Jundi and the first advance to Al-Ahly in the match, bringing the result to 34-32

Qas 9: 40, a hat-trick by Amr El-Jundi, making it 31-32 for Al-Ittihad

The beginning of the third quarter

The end of the second quarter, with a result of Al-Ahly 28-32, Al-Etihad of Alexandria

Q2: 42 Ismail Ahmed gives a wonderful pass to Ahmed Adel “Doula”, who scores two points. Al-Ahly 26-31 Al-Ittihad of Alexandria

Q3: 10 Marvel Harris scores two points and gets an additional free throw, to become Al-Ahly 24-29 Al-Ittihad of Alexandria

Qas 3: 22 Al-Ahly 24-26 Al-Ittihad of Alexandria

Q6: 54 Ahmed Muheib scores a hat-trick to make the score 23-23

Q7: 59 Ihab Amin scores for Al-Ahly, making the score 20-21

Q 8: 30 Triple by Rami Ibrahim to lead Al-Ittihad 18-21

Qas 8: 44 Al-Ahly 18-18 Al-Ittihad of Alexandria

The beginning of the second quarter

The end of the first quarter, Alitihad led by a score of 18-16.

Q 0: 30 Ehab Amin scores a hat-trick and tied for Al-Ahly 16-16

Q1: 16 Amr El-Jundi scored a hat-trick again for Al-Ahly, making it 13-16 for the Alexandria Federation

Q1: 50, Mohaib scores a hat-trick for Al-Ahly, to turn the score to 10-16 for the Alexandria Federation

Q2: 40 Omar Tariq scores for Al-Ahly 7-16 Al-Ittihad of Alexandria

Q3: 00 5 consecutive points from Bebo to make Al-Ahly 5-16 Al-Ittihad of Alexandria

Q3: 53 The descent of Ismail Ahmed in the Alexandria team, Al Ittihad

Q4: 40 a hat-trick from Ahmed Muheeb, to make Al-Ahly 5-11 Al-Ittihad of Alexandria

Q5: 50 Al-Ahly 2-11 Al-Ittihad of Alexandria

Q7: 10 is a time-out for Al-Ahly after coming down in the score 0-9

Qas 7: 45 Al-Ahly 0-7 Al-Ittihad of Alexandria

The start of the game


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