FilGoal | News | Abdel Hafeez asks 6 questions to the Football Association because of equal opportunities … and refuses to comment on Ramadan Sobhi’s speech


Al-Ahly trained before facing Bayern Munich in the World Cup clubs – Syed Abdel Hafeez

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly, asked three questions to the Football Association because of the principle of equal opportunity and began his speech with his desire to know why his team played the Egypt Cup against Al-Nasr in Alexandria.

“Why did we go to the Egypt Cup match in Alexandria? Does the regulation say that the match should be on a neutral stadium?” Abdel Hafeez said on the “Echo of the Country” channel today, Thursday.

He continued, “Al-Ahly and Al-Nasr are from Cairo, and my stadium is peace, so why didn’t we play in Cairo Stadium, Petrosport, the Arab Contractors, or the War College?”

Abdel Hafeez added, “If they follow the principle of equal opportunities before the next summit, then Zamalek played in Suez and we went to Alexandria, and at the May summit against Zamalek, I will play in Alexandria and Zamalek will face Smouha in Cairo, will you force him to go to Alexandria?”

He added, “Is it also possible for me to play seven games before the May summit against Zamalek and get only 48 hours of rest between each match and the next?”

Regarding the Football Association’s previous statement that whoever wins the previous CAF Champions League and participates in the Club World Cup, he will be subjected to strong pressure in the matches, Abdel Hafeez said: “Well, we have suggested to the Football Association to play the cup match between the matches of Mars and Simba that we play a league match among the seven. Games that I should play instead of playing a game every 48 hours before the May summit against Zamalek. ”

“Is it a shame to coordinate with clubs in Africa? I don’t believe in that. Do I get five days off before a cup match and 48 hours before league matches? Which one is first? It was the first to play a league match today,” he added.

“Is there any team in the world that gets a 48-hour rest before its league matches?”

Ayman Ashraf goal

Abdel Hafeez went on to talk about Bayern Munich’s Erik Maxime Chubu Moting’s goal against Paris Saint-Germain, and said: “Did that goal not make some people remember a similar shot?”

He continued, “It is similar to Ayman Ashraf’s goal against Al-Ahly Bank, until the Saint Germain defender fell to the ground while the Bayern player scored the goal.”

But he added, “But it is a match that ended with its crises.”

Ramadan Sobhi

When asked about his opinion about what Ramadan Sobhi, a Pyramids player, said in the “Ramiz, his mind flew” program, that he missed Al-Ahly and wished to return to him after obtaining his club’s approval, he said: “I am not used to responding to anyone who is not with me in the team.”

And he stressed, “I only talk about what concerns me and my team just as I do not like any of the officials of other teams to talk about my players.”

Ali Maaloul

When asked about Ali Maaloul, the date of his return and the renewal of his contract, Al-Ahly football director said: “Maaloul would have been with us against Vita Club, but he felt some pain.”

He concluded, “He may be with us at the end of this month or early May.”


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