“fight for you” earns the Oscar for Best Song of 2021


The movie Judas and Black Messiah won the Oscar for the best song for the song Fight for You, during the 93rd annual concert, which is currently held inside the theater of the Union train station in Los Angeles, USA, and is also shown simultaneously from another location in London, English.
Oscars 2021 – Oscars 2021
It is worth noting that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awarded the “Oscar” awards, has set a number of rules this year, the most important of which is the exclusion of participation through video chat applications, where the attendance is in person without an option to participate via video chat.

For the first time, the concert is held far from the famous Dolby Theater, where part of the concert activities are held inside the historic Union Station in Los Angeles, and the number of stars attending the concert has been halved due to measures to combat the coronavirus.

Due to travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, major satellite transmission centers have been established in London and Paris so that candidates there can participate in person without the hassle of traveling to the United States of America.

After last year’s record drop of 23.6 million viewers, TV executives expect viewership to drop further this year, perhaps to only half that number at a live concert.

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