Fiery statement from Galatasaray in response to “his players organizing sex parties”


Galatasaray club published a strong and strong official statement, in response to allegations made by its players of organizing sexual parties.

Turkish journalist Nafzat Dindar published a report in Istanbul’s mass-circulation newspaper Milliyet, in which he said that Galatasaray Chairman Mustafa Cengiz had exploded during a board meeting due to the behavior of his players.

The triple report covered Ryan Dunk, Ryan Babel and Umar Bayram, the Galatasaray players.

The report indicated that Genghis expressed his dissatisfaction with Dunk’s frequent sex parties, and that he also complained about the players not being properly trained after their nighttime activities.

The fiery statement

Galatasaray came out on Friday evening, in which he completely lied that report and severely criticized the journalist Dindar responsible for publishing the news.

“This news destroys the players’ reputation and destroys the lives of their families, without any evidence or document,” the statement said.

The statement continued, noting that “it is sad that a person releases such rumors without feeling ashamed when he looks in the mirror.”

The statement continued with its sharp tone: “Society should isolate such people who spread these rumors.”

The statement concluded: “We inform you that the person spreading this news will not be allowed to obtain permission to enter any Galatasaray institution, and we will also take legal action against him.”


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