Ferrari will unveil an all-electric car in 2025


The leading Italian sports car maker, “Ferrari”, has revealed its intention to launch the first fully electric car by 2025.

According to the transfer site “Auto Car“Ferrari’s chairman, John Elkan, said Thursday that the company plans to unveil the prototype of its first electric car, in 2025, during the company’s annual general meeting.

During the meeting, Elkan said, “This will be all that the engineers and designers in Maranello (Italian town) have dreamed of imagining for such a historic decision.”

According to the transfer site “Top is“The announcement of the electric car came at a meeting in which it was revealed that three new Ferrari models would be launched in the coming months.

Ferrari launched its first hybrid-powered car, “Hybrid”, in 2019, from the “SF90”.

When in fully electric mode, the SF90 can be driven a minimum of 15 miles without the need to use the fuel engine.Daily MailThis makes it easy to predict the long distances that the fully electric model will be able to travel in the future.

While the company has not revealed more details about its electric vehicle, it is expected to outpace the SF90, which has shaped a shift in the world of hybrid cars.

The hybrid model, the SF90, with an 8-cylinder engine, has the ability to start and reach a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in a period not exceeding 2.5 seconds.


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