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The «Z. Alexandra », the Dubai-based fashion house, on its endeavor to upset the scales of the fashion industry and bring about fundamental changes to the fashion scene. The house takes its customers to a world of refined elegance, far from the traditional methodology of fast fashion, by focusing on luxurious details and relying on manual skill to create versatile pieces, with a lively touch that never fades with time. The brand, which has a distinguished international history, offers fashion that transcends the traditional boundaries of fabrics, as the linen fabric created by its talented team is transformed into comfortable, high-quality and expertly embroidered outfits using environmentally friendly technologies to enhance the sense of elegance, comfort and beauty. And gather «Z. ALEXANDRA »The ingredients for innovation, modernity and art with a rich heritage of hand embroidery, offering exceptional fashions designed with passion and love from the finest quality linen. Thanks to a creative team and attention to detail, the brand creates its fashion in a perfect style for all lovers of beauty and exceptional touches, with designs that reflect the personality of each wearer and embody their creative sense.

لمسة ملوّنة

The Maison’s creations bear the signature of its founder, Anna Z. Alexandra, is for the discerning women with a bold artistic outlook, who value luxury, beauty, and meticulous attention to detail.

The brand offers a dizzying array of modern outfits that satisfy all tastes, even the most adventurous ones, with options ranging from hand-embroidered linen dresses in a style that combines traditional stitching techniques and fun creative designs, to machine-embroidered linen and modern non-embroidered linen clothes, in addition to Pieces made of lightweight fabrics. The brand also offers a range of machine and hand embroidered children’s clothing to choose from, and plans to launch a men’s fashion product line very soon.

Environmentally friendly

Zed Specialized. Alexandra »by providing modern fashion that enriches any woman’s group with its designs that do not fade with time, and provides environmentally friendly innovations by relying on a sustainable methodology, and using a specialized team of women in an ideal work environment, and by using manufacturing methods that take into account the principles of fair trade and production models free of waste . Through its cooperation with a certified, safe and environmentally friendly European supplier, the Maison is committed to producing innovative fashions from all-natural materials that are biodegradable and recyclable. What increases the importance of using linen, which reflects the beauty of the natural look without worrying about allergies to fabrics that may be experienced by some. The house also uses high-quality European embroidery threads in its unique designs, made entirely of viscose, which sparkles with a natural softness and luster. This material, which is biodegradable and has positive impacts on the planet, is extracted from certified natural sources, while its raw cellulose is obtained from environmentally friendly wood, which is managed using a sustainable method before converting it into premium viscose strings through processes that take into account the principles of environmental sustainability.

Each piece is embroidered

Manually it takes two months

From working by a professional team in a specialized workshop.

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