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The Real Madrid team snatched the top of the Spanish league standings temporarily before it was called up by its neighbor, Athletic Madrid, after defeating Barcelona with two goals for a goal, in the 30th round match hosted by the Alfredo Di Stefano stadium on Saturday evening.

Real Madrid performed perfectly in the first half, but suffered in the second half, to the point that Alex Moriba was close to scoring the equalizer, but the crossbar prevented Barcelona from scoring a point.

And with Real Madrid’s victory over Barcelona, ​​they grabbed the top of the League temporarily with 66 points and goal difference from Atlético de Madrid, who regained first place after their tie yesterday evening with Real Betis.

Real Madrid was able to reverse the balance of the Spanish League in the last nine rounds, in round 21 it had 40 points, like Barcelona, ​​occupying third place, and 10 points fully behind Atletico Madrid, who had a postponed match at the time, meaning that the point difference would have been 13 points had it not been for the ingenuity of the battalion. French coach Zinedine Zidane.

After 9 rounds of this big point difference, Real Madrid became runners-up, trailing just one point behind the leaders.

And now Real Madrid is competing strongly for two titles: the Spanish League and the Champions League, who put one leg and a half in the semi-finals after their 3-1 victory over Liverpool in the first leg.

There are several factors that have changed Real Madrid in recent months, some of them (AS) have spotted:

Finding the pattern in performance and results

Real Madrid achieved a series of great results last December, but the end of the month and the beginning of 2021 were not perfect for him, as they drew with Elche and Osasuna, and lost at the end of January against Levante with two goals to a goal, and then Real Madrid did not know defeat in the League, and won Since then, 23 out of 27 points from 7 wins and 2 draws.

Real Madrid managed during that period to defeat Barcelona and tied with Atlético de Madrid to stop their advance to the LaLiga title.

Barcelona presented a series of results similar to the Real Madrid series, as the Blaugrana scored 22 out of 27 points from seven wins, one draw and one defeat in the last Clasico Earth match.

Atletico Madrid was the worst of the three teams during the past period, with 4 wins, 3 draws and two games lost.

Zidane’s message to his players and his emotion at the press conference

After Real Madrid’s defeat by Levante, and at the press conference that preceded the Huesca match, Zidane was asked about his future and he answered excitedly: We deserve to continue the competition until the end of the season, neither I nor the players will leave the competition, if you want to replace me, tell me in the face, not from behind, you must respect Those who work here even a little, this team won LaLiga last year and not ten years ago.

Zidane used to be calm throughout his career, but with his emotion he wanted to send a clear message, which is that he will protect his players from criticism coming from outside in the most difficult moments, calling on the players at the same time to change the dynamic and mentality to stop these criticisms and upset the balance of the team’s results.

And it seems that Zidane’s message has already reached the minds of his players, since then Real Madrid have not known defeat.

Bin Zaima makes it difficult easy

Many have spoken in recent months of Real Madrid needing to sign a center attack due to the team’s lack of attacking effectiveness.

This was a fact, in the first 19 rounds in the Spanish League, Real Madrid scored only 34 goals, equivalent to 1.8 goals per match, and failed to score 3 matches.

However, the situation has changed completely in recent months due to Karim Bin Zima’s ingenuity in front of the goal, in the last 12 games Real Madrid did not go out without scoring, raising its goal rate per match to two goals.

Karim Bin Zima managed to score the opponents’ net in his last 7 league appearances, and since February 9th, he has signed 9 goals in the League.

Real Madrid scored 53 goals in the Spanish League as of this writing, for Ben Zima alone, 19 goals, equivalent to 36% of the team’s total goals.

Zidane pressed the team

After the Clasico match ended, Zidane said: The players are physically exhausted, I don’t know how we will end the season, physically we are on the edge.

The continuation of Real Madrid in the Champions League makes it difficult for its position in the competition for the Spanish League. Before the Barcelona match, the Meringue had to face Liverpool, and after only 3 days he would face him again, and in the event that he qualifies, which is very likely, he will face either Chelsea of ​​England or Porto in Portugal. The semi-finals, which will increase the pressure on Real Madrid players.

Real Madrid has eight matches left in the Spanish League, including difficult matches like Sevilla and Real Betis, which may represent an obstacle to its advice towards the local title.

Rediscover Vinicius Junior

In the absence of Eden Hazard due to his repeated injuries; Zidane decided to resort to his replacement (Brazilian Vinicius Junior).

Vinicius has played in 7 of the last ten matches in the Spanish League, during which he scored a goal against Real Sociedad, scoring a point for Real Madrid and passing a decisive ball in front of Eibar, as well as his perfect double in the Liverpool match.

Vinicius has dribbling skill and great speed, and he has proven this on more than one occasion, especially in the recent meetings in which he participated regularly, and he only lacked improvement in his finishing skill, and it also seems that it has improved, as evidenced by what he did in the Reds meeting.

Asensio is reborn

Marco Asensio sat on the bench of the Barcelona match, and Zidane pushed Federico Valverde in his desire to strengthen the strength of the midfield and the right front to avoid the danger of Jordi Alba.

Nevertheless, Asensio has been showing significant heights in recent weeks, after Zidane seated him on the bench at Atalanta and Celta Vigo.

It seems that Asensio understood Zidane’s message by excluding him from his starting line-up, so he was trying to use every match in which he participated as a substitute and scored for his team, and this helped him to return to the starting line-up.

And this season, Marco Asensio scored 6 goals and passed two decisive balls, to restore his better version that had previously been cut in the cruciate ligament.

Having a distinctive midfield

Real Madrid have the best midfield in the world, this line is made up of the trio Casemiro, Luka Modric and Toni Kroos.

No one is like Casemiro in his ability to get the balls off the opponent, so he is ranked fourth in the list of players that have participated the most this season.

As for Modric, he is a magician of Real Madrid’s midfield and one of his strengths because of his skill and ability to move the ball, pass and move between the lines.

Modric is 35 years old, and yet he has played about 3000 thousand this season and is the sixth most involved player. As for Kroos, he showed his magnificence at the Liverpool meeting, so he is the seventh most participating player with less than 100 minutes.



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