Facial recognition while wearing a muzzle … a new feature from Apple


On Monday, Apple unveiled advanced updates in the new “iOS 14” operating system.

And Apple said in a press release that the update gives users more authority over the information that applications are allowed to know, especially those related to tracking.

Among the advantages of the new update is the ability to recognize the face to unlock the device even while you are wearing the muzzle, which has become part of the general human behavior.

In addition to this version, Apple announced an update to the Apple Watch, which is called “watchOS 7.4, which you will need if you want to activate the unlocking of the device while you wear the muzzle, as it will authenticate the unlocking of your iPhone when you look at it while you are wearing it. The mask.

The new updates included the personal assistant, “Siri”, as you can choose the response voice that you want to hear through various options close to the real voices.

In the Maps application, Apple added a feature that enables you to report incidents while on the move, as it will appear on the map if you choose your path in its direction, and it is available for use in the United States and China at the current stage.

Apple added a number of improvements to the “Apple Podcast” application, which helps the user to download the episodes he wants to listen to, or discover new podcast programs.


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