F1 2021 kicks off July 16 with EA Sports-Style Story Mode


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A screen shot: EA Sports – a trademark of Electronic Arts

Purchase EA from racing maker Codemasters Means EA Sports is introducing an F1 racing game for the first time since 2003. F1 2021Available on July 16 for Xbox, PlayStation and PC, it expands career mode to include a two-player option and introduces Braking Point, a narrative-driven story mode that’s sure to make driving vehicles at super fast speeds and very low to the ground even more exciting and immersive.

The last time EA released the F1 game was in 2003 F1 career challenge, The game does not even warrant Wikipedia’s “Reception” section. By that time, EA had lost the F1 license, so they launched a game dating back to the 1999 to 2002 seasons that they had previously licensed. Sad. But now EA owns Codemasters, the company that has been making official F1 games since 2009, returning the hottest car racing to EA Sports’ jurisdiction.

While Codemasters says Braking Point’s new story mode took years, it feels like something out of EA Sports, adding a more personal experience to a somewhat impersonal racing game. There aren’t many details yet on what exactly Braking Point entails other than a dramatic trailer and a small name, but it will show up. Devon Butler, The F1 2019 competition character that players despise.

And here you are. It might be nice to get race car shots or something, but that needs to be done for now. Welcome to EA Sports, Formula 1 racing.


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