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I think it is the last opportunity that he got again on Rabie ‘in the series (Best Father), and as usual he missed it, as he is the most present among the group (Theater of Egypt), whom Ashraf Abdel Baki launched a few years ago .. Yes, some of them will remain in the field, but none will be able to One of them has to jump to the status of a pop comedy star.

The presence of comedy series has diminished this year, (let alone Zizi) as a model that unfortunately overthrew him, and he is definitely the responsibility of the director, note the series (Naguib Zahi Zarkash) standing in another region alone.

The month of Ramadan decades ago was not without this beloved dish after breakfast, big stars of the size of Fouad Al-Muhandis, Abdel-Moneim Madbouly, Samir Ghanem, Mohamed Sobhy, Issad Younes, Younes Shalaby and others, they often presented us with those comedic notes that enter the heart, in recent years they tried through theater stars Egypt paid with a number of them, and there were many names and they got successive chances, and there was a measure of anticipation for an upcoming star breaking the new code, but this did not happen, most of them lost the chances in succession and it was no longer possible to make another bet on them to improve the total, they – and by Great – they played in a narrow dramatic space, which is (sketch), which may be suitable while standing on the stage of the commercial theater, but it does not withstand the drama, except for Mustafa Khater and Muhammad Abdul Rahman who is more familiar with the need to be free from the restriction of (Evie), each possesses within him the talent of the actor.

The great writer Mr. Badir used to tell me that (clowning has origins), he intended at that time – the mid-eighties – to ridicule what was known as (contracting) movies, but what these people presented in recent years did not even deserve the rank of clowning, we had a talented actor, the late Ibrahim Nasr, and although he was in the end presenting a prank in the (hidden camera) and was associated with the character of Zakia Zakaria, he dealt with these situations seriously and commitment, and for this he extracted laughter, he was assuming a dramatic character who drew its features and never played the role of a clown.

Comedy depends on the social media code, and it is certain that the code has changed, this generation could not discover the new (password) .. This year, Adel Imam was absent, and he was the constant laugh in recent years on the TV screen, even if I or someone else had many notes.

Last year, there was another glimpse, which was the series (B 100 Wesh) for the entirety of Abu Zikry, we watched the comedy with full eyes, a director who was good at directing actors, and stood on the shore of seriousness in performance, and the success of the series continued even after the end of the month of Ramadan, it became the most repetitive in intensity. watching.

The true creator continues to receive more than he sends, the human being, by virtue of the law of nature, his ability to hear and see diminishes, and at the same time his physical fitness diminishes, the artist must remain keen to find an alternative to support his emotional powers to deal with everything new, the artist, no matter how old he is, must learn that He receives a lot and sends a little.

Egypt is waiting for a comic star to come, not among all those names we have seen in recent years, after they have exhausted their failing times.!!.


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