Exclusive to CNN in Arabic: A lawyer, Bassem Awad Allah, comments on his exclusion from the recent releases … and this is what he faces in terms of accusations.


Amman, Jordan (CNN) – Muhammad Afif, the lawyer for the former head of the Jordanian royal court, Bassem Awadallah, who is arrested in connection with what is known as the “sedition case,” said that the Public Prosecution’s decision of the State Security Court to release 16 detainees in the case, “Masher. Well, while he did not consider that his client’s failure to include the decision is a “negative sign”, because the investigation is still ongoing.

Afif, a former judge and president of the Jordanian State Security Court for several years, added that the criterion for the release decision is at this stage of the investigation; It is the evidence, that is, the evidence.

Afif said, in exclusive statements to CNN in Arabic, on Thursday evening, that “the release at this stage of the investigation is in two ways; either the Public Prosecution requests the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court to withdraw the arrest warrant and the release, and this may indicate that the evidence is not strong or insufficient.” It is not here for the purpose of conviction or lack thereof, or the release of detainees on bail through the court. ”

Earlier Thursday, the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II, directed the relevant officials to take legal measures for the return of detainees to their families. Later, 16 detainees were released in the case, with the exception of the former chief of the royal court, Bassem Awad Allah and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid.

And on the possibilities of actually referring the court and examining the case in light of the recent releases, Afif said, “The Public Prosecution of the State Security Court has the power to prosecute due to insufficient evidence, or to refer it to the court with the issuance of the indictment, both of which are possible.”

The lawyer of the former head of the royal court indicated that the strength of evidence varies from one detainee to another.

Afif revealed that he had met his client Bassem Awadallah on Thursday for nearly two hours, reiterating that his condition was excellent.

And on his endeavor to apply for the release of Basem Awadallah, just like the rest of the detainees, he said: “There is nothing to prevent. We have the right to submit a summons at the investigation stage if the evidence is incomplete and the bail is submitted until the legal requirements procedures are completed.”

Afif reiterated his saying that the lack of inclusion of Bassem Awadallah with the release does not mean a “prejudice.”

On the other hand, informed sources revealed to CNN in Arabic, that the charges against Awad Allah under the investigation file up to now are the two charges of undermining the political system in the Kingdom in accordance with Article 149 of the Jordanian Penal Code, and the penalty for which is temporary hard labor of 3-20 years, and the charge of exposing The security and safety of society is at risk according to Article 2 of the Prevention of Terrorism Law, relating to the intentional or threatening act that endangers the safety or security of society or causes discord if this breaks public order, and its punishment ranges between 5-20 years.


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