European Super League .. Perez and Agnelli “the godfathers”!


The European Super League project fell after it was subjected to a wave of political and popular protests from the game fans. With him the dreams of club presidents crumbled, and the laughter of the controllers of the “FIFA” and “UEFA” game expanded.

  • European Super League .. Perez and Agnelli
    European Super League … Perez and Agnelli, “the godparents”!

Football has always been called the “poor game”, because it is accessible to all, and because it unites feelings of sadness when lost and joy when they win. Everywhere, there is football in the grass-grown stadiums and the lovers enter it with the latest sports shoes, and there is football in the poor neighborhoods from which players emerge who become the best later, and there are those who play it without shoes, and the goal is made of two stones that form standing. As for the ball, it may be of paper or leather, and it may be manufactured and modern. In any case, the important thing is for the game to start.

The first popular game in the world changed a long time ago, but its fans did not change their differences, but remained its nerve, spirit and passion. As for the ball, it has turned into a huge market that generates hundreds of millions, but the owners of its large clubs want more money, and they also want their freedom away from the federations that are valuable to the game. So, They looked for it in the European Super LeagueBut their attempt failed after only 48 hours, as the pressure came against what was expected, especially from the fans, for the clubs to withdraw from the project.

The European Super League was going to become a turning point in the history of the game, because its shape would have changed completely. In the Super League, there is no place for humble, dreamy teams, and no place for teams that do not have big capitals. The Super League is a place for money whales, as well as a place where capitalists fight.

The champions of the championship and those seeking to establish it were numerous, among them Andrea Agnelli and Florentino Perez. As for the project itself, it is A common idea launched by 12 clubs a few days ago After planning for years. With its launch, a global spherical war broke out between federations, states and clubs seeking independence.

Florentino Perez is the spearhead … why Perez?

  • Florentino Perez
    Florentino Perez

Florentino Perez, the “engineer”, is one of the most successful businessmen in Europe, in football and beyond. He remained a “king” at the helm of Real Madrid for many years, and excelled in managing without any losses or problems, even when he was buying the best players and gathering them in one squad.

Things have changed over time, especially after the emergence of the Corona virus, and Real Madrid owes nearly 900 million euros. Therefore, Perez was the most adherent of the new tournament.

Perez is the president of the European Super League, but why was he at the forefront? Because he is considered one of the most reliable people in the investment community, as the banks trust the man who has always invested, took loans and repaid them without any problems, and investors also trust him, and they know his long supply in the business of management. Therefore, there is no doubt that this is one of the main reasons that made it to the fore.

But Perez, while discussing the issue and marketing it, acted with a null “fascism” for all those who do not have money, and presented matters with a supremacist and authoritarian rhetoric without caring about anyone. In his speech, he clarified things more and announced why the clubs wanted this tournament.

In an interview with the famous Spanish program “El Chirengito”, Perez appeared in the episode, and said that it might be the first and last time he appeared in the program, and he talked a lot about the tournament. His speech was under the slogan “Changing football for the better,” but if we pause more at his speech, delve into it, and ask us: What change is he talking about? We found that one of the reasons for the clubs ’suffering is their financial policy in recent years, and the emergence of the Corona virus was a fatal blow to them, as they“ messed up ”their cards and put them in difficult and complex problems. Therefore, she headed to this tournament that almost served as her salvation card.

From what he said: “We have reached the conclusion that we can reduce losses by creating the Superliga instead of champions,” adding: “The most competitive matches will make everyone earn more money.” He continued: “At Real Madrid, we lost a lot of money, and we are in a very bad situation.”

Regarding the reason for the idea, he said: “We thought about creating a new championship with strong and competitive matches in order to achieve greater profits.
It was difficult for the big clubs. We have lost five billion in the last two years. ”

Perez pointed out that “football today is in a pitiful state financially,” noting that the big clubs are on the way to bankruptcy, and said, “There are people who do not want to lose their positions. 5 billion lost clubs. We do not want wealth to be only for the great clubs.” Football is one and we must save it. Football at the moment is in free fall. ” As for the parties who do not want to lose their positions, they are the presidents of the big clubs. Of course, they don’t want to fall like former Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu. Perez may be talking about himself, and his main colleague in the project, Andrea Agnelli, because the man who won a new term for the presidency of Madrid invested with the emergence of the Corona virus in the process of renovating the “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium carelessly. Perhaps he did not estimate things properly, and did not understand the nature of the virus at the time.

Among the dangerous statements of Peres: “The money that the tournament will bring to everyone. If the top clubs have the money, then this means that it will go to all clubs, because we will sign with players from different clubs.” In other words, small teams create and hone talent, and the big teams that seem to have reduced football to just their presence buy player contracts with the huge sums they will make. There is no doubt that it is an attempt to take a greater share of the huge profits made by FIFA and the European Union, UEFA. Here, it should be noted that these two associations are no better off than the clubs and their owners.

Peres’s talk revolved around losses and money under the pretext of change, but it seems clear that the teams suffer great losses, and they only think about compensating for this deficit and increasing profits in the future. Real Madrid suffers from large debts, as well as huge losses, and a decline in profits. Perez had an opportunity and was missed until further notice.

The man also defended the “godfather” of the championship, Andrea Agnelli, President of Juventus, after the president of UEFA, Alexander Ceferin, attacked him and said he was a liar, as Perez commented: “The president of UEFA insulted Agnelli, which is absolutely unacceptable.”

Agnelli, the “godfather” who fights the diversity of football

  • Andrea Agnelli
    Andrea Agnelli

The dream of the Juventus club president, Andrea Agnelli, of the European Super League was close to realization, but that did not happen, and mockery of him began to spread in Italy. Perez and Agnelli, regarding the Super League, are two sides of the same coin: “We want money and power.”

Agnelli has talked about the tournament clearly since 2013, and fought diversity in football, that is, he is not convinced that small teams should play with big teams. Previously, he commented on Atalanta’s presence in the Champions League, saying that his presence in the continental championship was “unsound”.

There is no doubt that the confused Agnelli, after the failure of the start of the project, will search for a way to get rid of Juventus’s debt of 458.3 million euros, in addition to losses of 113.7 million euros, according to the club’s statements in February.

About a year ago, the French newspaper L’Equipe began attacking Agnelli, saying that he was one of the people who hurt the diversity of football the most, after what he said about Atalanta, and added: “We know everything that is dangerous and wrong with the ball. He plans with some of his friends an idea for the future European football. ”

Agnelli may have forgotten the names of the teams that Juventus knocked out of the Champions League against in recent years. He lost two finals, but he paid a lot of money to win the “Champions League”, and it didn’t work.

The world is divided between supporters of the idea of ​​the European Super League and those who oppose it. Opponents believe that the passion for the game would have been stolen from them, but the fans responded to this theft, and supporters see it as an opportunity to watch strong matches continuously. And between this and that is a fierce struggle between the capitalists. On the one hand, there are “FIFA” and “UEFA” who want to protect themselves by preserving profits without expanding the share of the clubs. On the other hand, there are clubs that want the largest amount of money under the pretext of development and progress.


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