Esperance coach: We will face MCA seriously, but we will not risk them, and what happens will happen


Magdy Traoui, assistant coach of the Tunisian sports team Esperance, spoke about the upcoming confrontation with Mouloudia Algeria in the sixth and final round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Tunisia’s Esperance will host the Mouloudia Algeria team next Saturday at the Rades Stadium, in a meeting that the Zamalek fans hope will end with the Tunisian team’s victory in order to increase its chances of climbing into the quarter-finals.

In statements to Tunisian television on Wednesday, after defeating Olympic Béji in the Tunisian League, Traoui said that his team will compete against Mouloudia Algeria with the perfect squad and the same seriousness with which it goes into its matches.

He continued, “We will play the match as we used to play and we will respect the sports charter, but there are some players who have yellow cards and we cannot risk them in the match so as not to lose them in the quarter-finals.”

The absence of the Ivorian duo, Cedric Gbow, and the Algerian, Elias Chti, was confirmed due to injury..

It is possible that Esperance will also be absent from both Hamdi Al-Naqaz, Ghaylan Al-Shaalali and Muhammad Ali Bin Ramadan, the trio of the main team, fearing that they would get yellow cards.

Magdy Tarawi concluded his remarks, saying, “We will play with the perfect squad, and we will go into the game seriously, as it was always with Esperance. Esperance has a great history in the African Champions League and we will play the ball and what may happen will happen after that. “


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