Emirates News Agency – International official: The UAE is a model to be followed in adopting clean energy technologies


ABU DHABI, April 12th, WAM – Kaiserti Gojan, managing partner of Lucidcatalist, a strategic consultancy on reducing the carbon footprint, affirmed that the UAE is a model for adopting clean energy technologies.

She said that the use of technologies with low carbon emissions to produce electricity is one of the most effective methods available today and in reducing the phenomenon of climate change, stressing that trying to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector, along with diversifying sources of electricity production in large industries that consume large amounts of energy, is a way. To achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement to reduce emissions.

She added that the UAE, through the commencement of the commercial operation of the first Barakah nuclear power plants, as well as the large investment in renewable energy sources, confirms its important role in drastically reducing carbon emissions without affecting modern lifestyles.

She explained that Barakah plants are now working to produce electricity continuously without carbon emissions, as well as serving as a strong basis for intermittent renewable energy sources and providing opportunities for the future development of other forms of clean energy such as industrial fuels and green hydrogen.

WAM / Ahmed Jamal / Islam Al-Hussein


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