Emirates-Jin signs 11 business partnerships to reduce service fees for property owners


(MENAFN Source: Date: April 20, 2021 “Jane announced the application of the private community concierge service, which was recently launched, the conclusion of major partnerships with 11 providers of home and office services, to meet the challenges in the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates, represented by the high service fees and expenses for property owners, which in turn lead to Increasing rental rates.

Jane’s innovative real estate technology, a local startup in the UAE, aims to reduce the increased service fees and maintenance costs, which have continued to rise by a rate ranging from 10% to 25% of the unit’s rental value over the past few years. Implemented by the Dubai Land Department and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency related to real estate service fee laws, to boost momentum in the Dubai real estate market.

Cash refund

Sam Issa, Co-Founder and General Manager, Jane Online Community, said: “With a potential user base of around 60,000 community members occupying nearly 28,500 offices, apartments and villas, we are looking very positively on the new partnership agreements with the 11 companies that provide home services. And office services.

There is no doubt that these services will help end-users to obtain cashback, which they can use to pay their service fees. In Jane, we aim to support the strategic objectives of the Dubai Land Department and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, to reduce the burden of increasing real estate service fees, by linking landlords and tenants with service providers.

Home services

With the help of these multi-partner deals that provide home and office services, the owners of real estate communities will now receive discounts and cashbacks upon purchase, through “Jane’s application for any services related to their homes and offices such as maintenance services, transportation, storage, cleaning, pest control, and property inspection , Property appraisal, property sale, and property leasing, along with related property management services such as IT support and property improvement services.

These partnerships will also provide more services to office buildings, including auditing and accounting, renting out commercial centers, establishing new commercial projects, translation services, as well as real estate investment.

The list of the 11 partners, who provide home and office services, include: “Surf Us Essentials for Maintenance,” ESS Relocation for Transportation and Storage, “Spectrum Cleaning,” Real Point for Property Inspection and Appraisal, “Arms and George International Realty for Real Estate Sales, Rentals, and Management,” Blushepp IT Support, “Carter Interior Decoration for Property Remodeling,” UNIMAR Pest Control, “Trans Effective Translation,” “Kudos PRS Auditing and Accounting,” Shora Establishment of Enterprises and Business Centers.



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