Emirates commemorates the Holocaust and ignores the pain of Palestine!


Yesterday, the UAE held a ceremony to commemorate the Holocaust, with the participation of Emirati activists who lit six candles symbolizing the 6 million Jews who were exterminated during World War II, coinciding with other activities organized in the enemy’s entity. The event also included the presentation of a joint song by Israeli singer Louay Ali and rapper Ezzy entitled “One Human Texture” in a special edition on this occasion. A documentary film about the “Holocaust” was also shown, and a discussion was held about it that touched upon the conditions of the Arab world. The move comes months after the UAE announced full normalization with the occupation entity, and it included all technological, cultural, cinematic, political and diplomatic sectors. While the Israeli pages celebrated this event, especially the page “Israel in the Gulf”, this joy was met with widespread condemnation by the Arab activists, who denounced the actions of the UAE, and reminded that it did not, in return, organize any seminar on Palestine and did not receive even Palestinian refugees on its lands.


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