Eighth month pregnant wins a gold medal in “Taekwondo”


A Nigerian athlete surprised everyone by winning a gold medal in taekwondo during the “National Sports Festival” that is held once every two years in the country, even though she is eight months pregnant.

Festival organizers said that Aminat Idris, 26, when she was eight months pregnant, won the Taekwondo Boomsi category, describing her achievement as “inspiring.”

Idris told CNN that she was delighted to have achieved it during the event in the Nigerian state of Edo, adding: “It is a privilege for me. I just decided to give it a try after training several times .. It feels really good.”

And about the nature of training during pregnancy, she said: “Before I got pregnant, I always enjoyed training, so it was not different with pregnancy.”

The Nigerian athlete was criticized on social media, despite her success, for participating while she was pregnant.

Idris responded to her critics by saying that many of them “are not familiar with the different forms of Taekwondo.” “A lot of people do not understand what taekwondo is actually about. I feel this is a way to educate people about this. There are two branches of Taekwondo: the combat sport and the non-combat sport known as POMSY, which is a form of exercise, just a demonstration of hand and leg techniques. In taekwondo. ”

She pointed out that she participated in the Boomsi category, adding: “I felt that there were not many risks associated with it, so I decided to give it a try. My doctor and the organizer of the games also confirmed that I am eligible to participate in the contact sport.”


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