Egyptian drama before Ramadan .. crises that hinder the completion of work


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Sharjah – by Ayman Al-Fateh – Many Egyptian series are still being filmed in all Egyptian domestic and foreign studios, and the makers of these works are grappling with many problems, some of which have eluded a solution, while there are alternative plans for other problems.

And between the repeated infections with the Coronavirus and the disruption of filming many works in a time of great distress and embarrassment with the approaching month of Ramadan, and between deaths among some artists and the occurrence of problems that require acting in the role of the late artist in any dramatic way. A very critical time.


Among the works that have been exposed to the problems of the series “The Tiger” by the artist Muhammad Imam, where the heroine of the work here Zahid was infected with the Corona virus, which forced her to enter the period of compulsory isolation for a period of 14 days, and thus postpone filming all her scenes until her return, but this is not the main dilemma. The scenes here in the first episodes were not filmed, and they are major scenes, so the work faces a real crisis in delivering the first episodes of the month of Ramadan, in which an appearance here is compulsory, and director Sherine Adel hopes to return here soon, so that most of the filming will be dedicated to her in the period that follows Her return.

The series itself faced another problem, which was the infection of one of the heroes, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, with the Corona virus, which resulted in disrupting a large part of the scenes until he returned to filming, and at the same time the filming of Ahmed Khaled Saleh’s scenes in the series “Qasr El Nil” with Dina El Sherbini stopped for the reason. The same, which is infection with “Corona”.

«Qasr al-Nil»

Ahmed Khaled Saleh was not the only one who confused the filming of the series “Qasr al-Nil”. Actress Ahmed Magdy was also injured by “Corona”, and his scenes in the series itself were disrupted, as well as in the series “Bint Al Sultan” with the artist Rogina and Bassem Samra.

Ahmed Al-Saadani’s injury caused disruption to filming key scenes in the series “The House of Endowment” with Zina and director Essam Abdel Hamid, although they are very important scenes, but the director decided to film alternative scenes and change some of the events of the first episodes as a solution to the crisis.

In the series “Kings of Jada” by Mustafa Shaaban and Amr Saad, the death of the artist Youssef Shaaban occurred due to complications from the Corona virus, and his role was president and only two days were filmed. Work producer Sadiq Al-Sabah to put the name Shaban in honor of the work.

The great artist, Hadi Al-Jiyar, also died from the Corona virus, and he had filmed many scenes of the series “Choice 2” with Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Makki, and the makers of the work were forced to solve the crisis in a tight, dramatic way so as not to affect the general context of the work.

The actress Ahlam Al-Gretli, who participated in the series “The Generation of the Strangers,” with Ahmed El-Sakka and Amir Karara, and Mai Omar, directed by Muhammad Sami, also passed away. She was participating in the role of the president, and director Mohamed Sami was forced to make the character at work exposed to death as well.


While diseases and death caused disruption of some works, problems and disputes caused changes in other works, such as the series “Flat 6” by Ruby, Salah Abdullah, and Malik Qura, where director Mahmoud Kamel apologized for completing the series, and the crisis has not yet been resolved.

The same problem occurred in the series “All We Separate” by the artist Reham Hajjaj, Rania Youssef and Amr Abdel Jalil. Sources from the series confirmed that the work witnessed a major crisis as most of its employees withdrew, headed by director Karim al-Adl, director of photography Sameh al-Amir, and author Muhammad Amin Radi. Because of the objection to the intervention of the actress, Reham Hajjaj, the heroine of the series, as it was reported that there were problems between her and the director and the author after imposing her views on everyone on the filming site, and her constant interference in their work. Some sources in the work denied the occurrence of a crisis and confirmed that this was a fabrication by some to create problems, and the sources indicated that an additional imaging unit was used to speed up the filming, which suggested the withdrawal of the main director Karim al-Adl, in addition to that the director Karim al-Adl and the author Muhammad Amin Radi or Even producer Tariq Al-Jananini did not come out with a clear statement denying or confirming the occurrence of disputes and the validity of what is being reported, and everyone was satisfied with complete silence, which raises other question marks.

• The heroine of the “Tiger” series, Hana Al Zahid, was infected with the Coronavirus.

• Ahmed Al-Saadani’s injury disrupted the filming of key scenes in “The Endowment House Costume.”

• The great artist, Hadi Al-Jiyar, died before completing his scenes in the series “The Choice 2”.

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