Egyptian arbitration for the summit … Zamalek objects and Al-Ahly agrees with a “condition”


Mujahid explained that there is no intention to postpone the next summit meeting between The two poles of Egyptian football, Scheduled for April 18, a postponed match from the fourth round of the Egyptian Premier League.

In the same context, Mujahid indicated that holding the Egyptian summit without an audience, with the presence of the “mouse” technique, was sufficient to break the usual custom in recent years to be matches. Al-Ahly and Zamalek With foreign arbitration, especially since the rest of the season’s matches are managed by Egyptian referees.

It is worth noting that since 1996 (25 years ago), there are only three Egyptian referees who have assumed the task of refereeing the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match, and they are: Mahmoud Al-Hanafi in 2018, Ibrahim Nour El-Din in 2014, and Qadri Abdel-Azim in 1996.

Zamalek objects

Zamalek club media spokesman Amr Dardiri says that the white club will submit an official objection note to the Egyptian Football Association, during the coming hours, explaining the reasons for its objection to choosing an Egyptian refereeing team to manage the summit match.

Dardiri reveals to “Sky News Arabia” the reasons for the objection of the Zamalek club, “The Al-Ahly and Zamalek match is very sensitive, due to the great popularity of the two teams locally and continually, so we want to distance ourselves from any cause of problems with it, and it is known in recent years that the summit meeting is managed by foreign referees.” Why should we change that now?

Dardiri confirms that Zamalek fully trusts the Egyptian referees, but the White Club wants the referee chosen to manage the match not tolerate the outcome of the match. “We want to move away as much as possible from (the arbitration peg).”

And the media spokesperson of Zamalek club continues: “The approaching balance of the two teams’ points in the Premier League increases the sensitivity and importance of the meeting, because it will affect the course of the tournament, especially since Al-Ahly and Zamalek are the strongest candidates to win the title, in addition to the fact that there has been a case of fanaticism among the fans during the recent period, This is what social media shows, so we see that the meeting conditions are not suitable to break the usual custom, and that the meeting be managed by an Egyptian judge.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly scored 27 points during 11 matches, while Zamalek scored 33 points during 14 games in the Egyptian Premier League, to place the white club at the top of the league, while the red giant came third in the table.

In response to the reasons for choosing the Football Association an Egyptian referee team, chiefly the absence of the fans from the stands and the reliance on the “mouse” technique, Dardiri says: “The league has been played without an audience for years, and despite that the summit meetings were managed by foreign referees, and the (mouse) technology. So far, referees do not prevent mistakes, and perhaps they will need to get used to it during this season, so we do not find enough justifications for the Football Association to back down from our position. “

And he continues, “We do not have a problem completely, as the Egyptian referees take an opportunity to manage the summit matches, but in a more appropriate atmosphere, it reduces the pressure on the refereeing team to meet.”

The media spokesperson of the Zamalek club also points out that the Football Association made a mistake in choosing the timing to talk about the refereeing team of the summit match, especially since Zamalek has a fateful confrontation against Senegalese Tongeth in order to collect the qualifying card for the next round in the African Championship, on Saturday, “It was the first to be raised. The proposal after the African matches, so that all members of the White Castle will focus on the Tongue match only. “

In the conclusion of his interview with Sky News Arabia, Al-Dardiri confirms that Zamalek will respect the final decision of the Egyptian Football Association, and that the team is ready to go to the match, whether by Egyptian or foreign arbitration.

The position of Al-Ahly of Egypt

For his part, the media spokesperson for Al-Ahly Club, Gamal Gabr, explains that the Red Club has no problem for the arbitration team of the summit meeting to be Egyptian.

“We only ask that the referee be up to the event, and he has international experience and a strong personality to deal with the (Derby) match, to ensure the absence of arbitration errors from the match, to come out in a way befitting the Egyptian sport,” Jaber added.

He also continues, saying: “In short, we want the judgment of the meeting to be from (the first classification), regardless of his nationality, whether he is Egyptian or foreign.”

In the conclusion of his statements, Gabr confirmed that Al-Ahly Club fully trusts the Football Association’s selection of the match refereeing team, and that it will be up to an important football event that enjoys great public follow-up at the local and continental levels.


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