Egypt – The directors were opposed in Ramadan … Al-Farasha rejected the dance suit and Soraya did not break the loaf


(MENAFN – Youm7) Art stars are often associated with photographing some artworks during the day in Ramadan, and many ironies and problems often occur due to the inconsistency of photographing some scenes with the requirements of fasting.

The stars of the beautiful time had many situations in the month of Ramadan due to filming some artistic scenes during fasting.

Among these situations is what happened with the butterfly, Samia Jamal, while filming “The Farewell Dance”, as filming was taking place during the month of Ramadan, and Samia Gamal was fasting despite extreme exhaustion and heat inside the plateau.

When the time came to shoot the show scenes, the director asked the butterfly to wear a dancing suit to represent her scenes in the film, but she refused, saying that these clothes show her charms, which spoils her fasting and is not permissible during the day in Ramadan. The director has told her that disrupting the filming of these scenes may delay the screening date of the film.

Faced with Samia Gamal’s insistence on her stance, the director was forced to postpone filming the scenes that require her to wear dance clothes until after the month of Ramadan, which led to delaying the screening of the film.

In the Ismail Yassin movie in Beit Raya and Sakina, Soraya Helmy was playing an important role in the film, and the scenes were filmed during the day in Ramadan and one of them required that Soraya Helmy hold a loaf of bread, and the director asked her to cut a bunch of him as the events required, but she refused because she is fasting, which is what the director had This scene was postponed until after breakfast so that Soraya could star in it.



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