Egypt breaking news – Egypt News: If you have an “iPhone” … Beware of hacking your phone in these ways


The most important and latest urgent news from Egypt – Egypt News: Egypt today: Sunday, April 18, 2021
With news details: Egypt breaking news – Egypt News: If you have an “iPhone” … Beware of hacking your phone in these ways

Although hacking iPhone phones and stealing information from them is rare, but this does not prevent it from happening, so care must be taken more so that you are not one of the targets of the hack.

IPhone phones are hacked through several malware and deceptive applications that are downloaded from the App Store, through which your information can be stolen in countless ways.

The iPhone can be hacked through hacking operations, which are done by enabling another person to access or control private information on your device without your consent.

There are a large number of ways that cause iPhone privacy breaches. This can happen by clicking on a suspicious website or link, and if the website appears to be down, check the logos, spelling or URL.

To keep your phone safe, try to avoid connecting to a password-free public Wi-Fi network, which opens the possibility for a hacker to access unencrypted traffic on your device or redirect you to a fraudulent site to access your login credentials, as well as messages from numbers you do not know. Also questionable.

Apple devices operate in a more closed and monitored digital environment when compared to Android devices, and the company has a process of checking applications on its store, but it is not anti-hack.

Ming Zhang, who leads the Computer Security and Privacy Lab at Washington University in St. Louis, said you should pay attention to apps that request more information than they need to work.

For example, if you download a wallpaper or flashlight app and it asks for your location, contact list, camera or microphone, this is a “red flag” to be wary of.

He added, that he is a bit skeptical and that caution and vigilance must be exercised even with official applications, stressing that it is useful if we are able to do so, “I think that for the average person you should be somehow safe.”

Some spyware may track your behavior online, while others can log passwords or even record keystrokes.

This malware can be used to track your location or provide access to private information, such as texts, call log, and emails, as all they need is your password and physical access to your phone.

And experts said, this is unfortunately common, and this abuse can be psychologically painful and devastating to a person’s personal and public life, so if you notice downloading applications that you do not remember downloading, this may be a sign of a phone hack.

Matthew Green, associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Internet Security, said that the average person may not be distinguished and targeted remotely by hackers because it is expensive, as it sometimes costs millions due to hacking new phones, as journalists and activists are most at risk of this type. Of penetration.

Hackers take advantage of an unknown flaw in iOS programming that even its developers are not aware of, which enables hackers to install malware to obtain data from targeted sources.

“This is a very complex set of hacks, and in many cases you will not be able to detect the hack,” Green said. “It is possible to hack iPhones, but they are more secure than Android phones, and some Android smartphones may not receive.”

And if you backup your phone to iCloud, make sure you have a strong file and password, and if someone gets your password, they won’t even need to hack your phone because they can download a backup from the cloud.

Hackers can access your information by downloading a backup copy from the cloud, eliminating the need to jailbreak or gain access to your phone.

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