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Economic / Saudi stock market index closed down at 9907 points, the Saudi Press Agency


Economic / Saudi stock market index closed down at 9907 points

Monday 30/8/1442 AH corresponding to 04/12/2021 AD, SPA

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  • 202104 / DST_1541573_2386969_69_1_2021041217160086.jpg

Riyadh, Shaaban 30, 1442 AH, corresponding to April 12, 2021 AD, SPA
The main Saudi stock index closed the day down 30.70 points, to close at 9907.62 points, with transactions worth 8 billion riyals.
The number of shares traded reached more than 285 million shares, shared by more than 331 thousand transactions, in which the shares of 94 companies recorded an increase in their value, while the shares of 84 companies closed lower.
The shares of Al-Jazirah REIT, Al-Khareef, REIT Education, Ground Services, and Cisco were the highest, while the shares of Eastern Cement Companies, Tabuk Agricultural, Al-Ahly Takaful, Astra Industrial, and Amiantit were the lowest in trading, with the increase and decrease rates ranged between 10% and 7.19%.
While the shares of Dar Al-Arkan, Al-Jouf Cement, Al-Enmaa, Northern Cement, and Sera were the most active in quantity, as were the shares of Al-Rajhi, Dar Al-Arkan, Al-Kharif, Al-Ahly and Al-Jouf companies were the most active in value.
The Saudi Parallel Stock Index (Nomu) also closed today, down 315.45 points, to close at 23535.69 points, with trades amounting to 14 million riyals, and the number of traded shares reached 203,000 shares, shared by 584 deals.
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