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Riyadh, Shaaban 25, 1442 AH, corresponding to April 07, 2021 AD, SPA
The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture organized a virtual mini-conference with the Dutch side under the title “Exporting Saudi agricultural products of high quality to the Netherlands”, to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing import and export from Saudi Arabia to the Netherlands, enhance production capacity and localize advanced technologies in the Kingdom.
This mini-conference – which was held in cooperation with the Dutch embassy in the Kingdom, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, the General Authority for Civil Aviation, the Saudi Export Development Authority, and a number of private sector companies and major agricultural projects – comes to discuss the mechanisms and tools that can be used to make this goal a success.
The Director-General of the General Administration of Plant Wealth at the Ministry, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Khatib, explained that the ministry has introduced advanced technologies for agricultural production in the production of vegetables and fruits, as it aims to export products supported by modern technologies mainly when increasing their levels and quantities in the local market, and that is in the desire of the ministry to maintain the increase in farmers’ income By reducing competition during seasonality, increase production.
Dr. Al-Khatib added that a significant increase in production and availability may contribute to an increase in the amount of food waste and waste, and for this reason, the Kingdom was keen to launch the index of loss and waste. To reduce this amount by 50% to maintain sustainable food security and natural resources.
Al-Khatib pointed out that the crops targeted for export are often produced inside advanced greenhouses, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and leaves, including lettuce of various varieties, and some other products that the Netherlands needs, especially in the winter season when production in the Kingdom is at its highest stages, whether from greenhouses or Open agriculture, pointing out that it was chosen to export it to the Netherlands mainly because it is the main center for the supply of agricultural products to all European Union countries, and to be a source for the distribution of agricultural products, especially imported ones, noting that the ministry is also targeting dates as one of the promising and targeted opportunities to increase the Saudi market share in Holland.
He indicated that the ministry also aims to increase the agricultural GDP in the Kingdom by increasing the percentage of exports, and improving the trade balance of the Kingdom with the Netherlands, indicating that this cooperation will create investment and employment opportunities, in addition to improving the economics of the agricultural sector, and rationalizing the natural resources available in the Kingdom.
Also on the discussion table were the opportunities that could be provided by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Export Authority to work side by side with the Ministry to promote the achievement of the objectives of this conference.
During the mini-conference, the Dutch side explained the requirements applied in the Netherlands for the entry of agricultural commodities. These conditions were discussed and the possibility of the Saudi and Dutch government side to facilitate addressing the challenges that may face exporters and importers when applying these requirements.
At the conference, some success stories were discussed, especially with regard to the export of dates to the Netherlands, and that such stories could be a bridge to achieve the export of other Saudi products.
At the end of the workshop, the two sides agreed to set up a workshop between the private sectors in both countries, in which Saudi producers meet with Dutch importers in an expanded workshop. To overcome all obstacles and challenges that may face both parties; To achieve common goals between the two countries.
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