Dubai Police Innovation Council discusses the digital future


Dubai: The Gulf

The Innovation Council at the Dubai Police General Command organized three sessions of its Ramadan initiative “With Your Ideas We Innovate” in its second year through the visual communication system, which was titled “The Digital Future and Its Implications for the Individual and Society”, in which it hosted Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Head of the Digital Government of the Government of the United Arab Emirates. United, Director General of the Communications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government, Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, Director of Information Services Department at the Dubai Electronic Security Center, and Technical Advisor Issam bin Abdullah Al Qubaisi, expert in technical systems and cybersecurity, and expert Tariq Mohammed, head of the anti-virtual currency crime section in the General Department of Investigations And the Criminal Investigation Department in Dubai Police. The session was moderated by writer and journalist Mohammed Al-Khatib, from Dubai Media Incorporated.

Hamad Obaid Al-Mansoori began his speech by touching on the knowledge and digital revolution that has swept the world today, and affected all aspects of our lives, directly and indirectly, referring to the effect of the digital revolution on raising children and its positive and negative repercussions, and forcing parents to adopt modern methods of education and awareness. Themselves to the risks related to technology, and how to protect their children from its negative aspects.

Al-Mansoori affirmed that the UAE has been able to successfully benefit from the digital revolution, due to its proactive vision for the future, and its endeavor to invest and harness the means of technology to serve and delight society of all groups, noting that the digital world with its rapid changes requires us to intensify awareness-raising efforts for parents and children about methods. Safe to use the Internet, and building effective and effective programs to educate the family about the best and safe ways to deal with technology.

For his part, Marwan Al Zarouni stressed that digital education has become the best and more flexible option, compared to traditional education that depends on indoctrination, attributing that to the fact that the mechanisms of research and learning today have become the fastest, easiest and most accurate haven for information seekers, noting the need to change the method of learning and skills Research, whether in the educational system or in self-learning, and to ascertain the sources of the information and its reliability.

While Issam Al-Qubaisi emphasized that the countries and institutions that have a qualified and flexible technical infrastructure are able to keep pace with the urgent changes, referring to what happened during the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), and the eligible countries enable the continuity of the practical and educational system through distance education and work. Remotely.


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