DP World launches a wholesale e-commerce platform


          The Emirati company has confirmed that it will contribute to accelerating the flow of trade around the world            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>The DP World Group announced the launch of a global electronic platform for wholesale trade, starting in Rwanda in Africa, with future plans to expand throughout Africa and the world. The UAE company indicated that Dubai.com will add digital commercial corridors to the actual commercial channels, which The company has established it in the African continent through its investments in ports, terminals and logistical operations.

“Dubai Ports” added that the platform will rely on cooperation with local companies and the Rwandan government to help provide Emirati small and medium enterprises access to global markets, by making use of the integrated supply chain services in the DP World Group to meet export requests and receive goods. It provides the platform for international companies. The opportunity to find new business partners in Africa and serve them in a way that opens up ample room for access to rapidly growing markets.

According to information released yesterday, online electronic markets are an important opportunity to achieve economic growth in Africa, which today records less than 0.5 percent of the total global e-commerce, according to the United Nations Conference on Development and Trade, at a time when trade between the UAE and Rwanda reached In the year 2018, about 1.6 billion dirhams (434.8 million dollars) in light of the growth of the volume of trade between them over the past decade, within the framework of bilateral relations and the expansion of economic ties between the two countries.

Claire Akamanzi, CEO of the Rwanda Development Board, said: “Through Dubai.com, entrepreneurs in Rwanda will be able to make the impossible possible to open channels for trade with the UAE and other countries, and individuals and companies around the world will resort to technology solutions to help them during the recovery phase. From the “Covid-19” pandemic and facilitating their access to global trade corridors, where world-class e-commerce platforms supported by innovative and reliable logistical networks can meet all commercial operations requirements and transform the way business is done throughout the African continent.

For his part, Mahmoud Al Bastaki, Executive Director of Operations at Dubai World Trade, said: “Dubay.com represents a new and innovative model of partnership with the UAE to enhance existing capabilities in Rwanda and open business and markets mainly through enabling trade and achieving innovation. Technology Local companies in Rwanda have an opportunity to transform into international manufacturing and export enterprises by connecting them to new markets in Africa, the Middle East, and thus the rest of the world.

“This includes promoting Rwanda’s valuable exports such as tea, coffee and agribusiness through a network focused on upgrading the country’s supply chain logistics, both within urban and rural areas, as well as providing access to new digital tools that will help local businesses thrive,” he added. “By this, we are not building only in Rwanda, we are building with Rwanda for the sake of Rwanda.”

Mike Baskaran, Executive Director of Operations for Logistics and Technology at DP World, said: “DP World is investing in building the future of global trade. Our vision is to create more efficient corridors for trade to serve our customers through our ports, logistics services and digital technology that contribute to improving efficiency. The operations, which we support now through online e-commerce platforms, and we are proud of our contribution in supporting the economic development process and the growing prosperity of the African continent. ”


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