Doubts follow the Johnson vaccine after AstraZeneca


Sunday April 11, 2021 1:52 AM

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After a state of widespread controversy mixed with concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine causing fatal strokes, the debate has now moved to the US “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine. The European Medicines Regulatory Authority said that it is reviewing reports of rare blood clots in 4 people who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against Corona, and that it has expanded its examination of the AstraZeneca vaccine to include reports of bleeding. Of the 4 serious cases of strokes and low platelets, 3 cases occurred in the United States during the launch of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from its Janssen unit, adding that one person died and that one case was recorded in a clinical trial..

The American company Johnson & Johnson said it was aware of reports of blood clots possibly related to its vaccine and other vaccines, adding that it is working with regulators to evaluate the data and provide the necessary information. And the company continued in a statement: “At the present time, there is no clear causal relationship between these rare cases and the vaccine.” While there was a global conflict over doses of any vaccine to prevent Corona, some people are refraining from accepting specific vaccines..

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Source : World news: doubts follow the Johnson vaccine after AstraZeneca


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