Dolly Shaheen: “Haifa Wehbe is indigestible and beautiful, but I don’t follow her .. Dalida Khalil, Daniela Rahma and Stephanie Saliba are they younger than me?”


The artist indicatedDolly ShaheenTo the fact that she does not give importance to titles, although it is her pride, and she said: “Many saw in me a resemblance to the able Soad Hosni, not in form, but in art, as a matter of singing and acting.
Regarding her criticisms of likening herself to Hosni, she asserted that she was definitely not the one who promoted this title, explaining that she was not influenced in her career by Hassani, but rather by Mrs. Fairouz and all the Lebanese.
Dolly continued her talk in a new episode of the showspot onThat is provided by the informantRalph MatoukAnd she didn’tOne day she thinks about acting and the dream of singing haunted her since her childhood, and she was dying by almightyIndia Rustamوحبها للفنانAbdel Halim HafezIt grows up every time you follow a sequence of it.
Dolly studied journalism according to the request of her father, who was bent on academic study and his absolute rejection of art. She turned to journalism as a field close to art, worked in an art magazine and interviewed artists, and the first interview was with the artist.Fares Karam​.
And whether it is true that she refused to participate in the interviews because she was not paid? She confirmed this and explained: I am a Lebanese-Egyptian artist, and I treat Egyptians in programs in Lebanon, otherwise I will not participate. She indicated that she participated in a program in MTV without financial compensation, because at that time she was in Beirut and now in Egypt, and she was treated like Egyptian artists on the basis of reciprocity.

Regarding her interview with the artist Faris Karam, she indicated that it was very delicious. During the interview he accompanied her to Studio El Fan and stated that she did not participate in “Studio El Fan” and she met the professor.Simon AsmarHe did not direct any comments.
As for the last Lebanese artist I met, I mentioned: “I meet a lot, and it may be the artistAssi El HillaniThe last of them is during the New Year and I meet with the artistRagheb AlamaAlso. ”

Dolly rejects the classifications and puts them in a certain category, for she is an artist and her success achieved in Egypt and about the main problem in Lebanon. With the attack she was subjected to by the Lebanese press since the first day of her career and without knowing the reason and the harsh criticism that affected her until it came to some hosting people who criticized her.
Dolly, who previously presented an artistic program that includes competitions, said: “I can repeat the experience alongside art, and she continued that he offered her a talk show, but it is impossible for her to accept that and rejected it without hesitation.”
Regarding her daughter’s relationship with her father, she said: In contact with each other, and when she visits Lebanon, they meet. On their level, Dolly said: The relationship ended with the divorce.

Dolly, who has only been married twice, is always haunted by marriage rumors and has revealed that she is not married now.
Regarding religion, she affirms that she preserves her Christianity and the rumor of changing her religion. She was born in Lebanon as a result of personal disputes and fighting her from the gate of religion. She said, “My fight failed and did not succeed or defeat for those who are right. Whoever dug a hole for his brother fell into it,” and God does not accept harm to anyone.

When asked about her sudden decision to retire, she replied: “I suffered a lot from personal problems at home and was unable to communicate with people. There is no doubt in the house problems between husband and wife, and these problems have nothing to do with violence.”
She said, “A difficult period and I took a decision to stop everything.” As for the option to resort to religious hymns, this matter goes back to the days when it was in the choir.

Regarding her relationship with men, Shaheen pointed out that in dealing with men, cruelty is now present and her mind controls the course of things, not her heart. Will the experience of marriage be repeated for the third time?

And about the difference in the dealings between the Egyptian and the Lebanese man, she answered without hesitation: The eastern man himself, and the differences are minor according to the environment in which he lives, whether in Lebanon or in Egypt.

About participating in the drama “Liqaa” in Lebanon, describing it as the worst experience in her life, despite the beauty of the series and her enjoyment of the experience alongside senior Lebanese actors, but the disaster was in dealing with the producer and the production disasters that were recorded. Exposure to fraud in this work.

The story of Dolly’s disagreement with her late father, originally due to his rejection of the girl and his love for the boy and his treatment of her on this basis as if she was a boy in terms of hair story to deal with her, and she remained this way until adolescence when she began to discover her femininity.
The jump that took place was a strong shock to her and her father was cruel and locked her in the house and there is no way out of it. And she recounted:In the first ten years I did not face harsh treatment, but after that I became a prisoner of the house, but my strong personality refused imprisonment and the reaction was violent.

Speaking about Dolly fighting Lebanese artists, she indicated that she received a call from the Syndicate of Artists in Egypt to inform her about complaints against her in this context, to follow: “No one can say that Dolly is fighting someone and I am facing a fight from the first day.”

As for her participation in a “healthy circumstance” and what was said about her, she confirmed: “I was a guest of honor and the contract was made on this basis. There is no disagreement or exclusion from this work and what is reported in the press is only for more readers and there is no need to deny the matter as long as it is not worthy. The disagreement with Meroe, never existed. ”

And about her opinion of the artistهيفا وهبيShe said: “A very beautiful and debilitated woman, but I do not follow her and she is as long as she sings and in acting, she is a competitor, but I never think about this.”

And about her opinion of the actressNadine Nassib NjeimShe pointed out that she is beautiful and has stardom.
Regarding the Egyptians ’view of Dolly Shaheen, she emphasized:“ Of course, it is not a look at the “capable artist”. The artist Madeleine Tabar praised her kindness without any communication between them during this period, with reference to more than one meeting that took place between them, but the circumstances of life change.
In response to a question about her relationship with Syrian actresses, she confirmed: The relationship with all people is one, expressing her regret over the death of the actress’s daughter.Jumana MuradShe was not aware of that and added, “Khabar Buzzal.”

From a Lebanese rising generation, she confirms that she does not follow up when asked about actressesDalida KhalilوDaniela RahmaوStephanie SalibaI asked: Are they younger than me and are like “gambling”?


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