Does Amazon allow sellers to communicate with customers directly through its platform?


Sunday 25 April 2021 12:30 a.m.

Are testing Amazon A new feature for sellers that allows them to contact customers directly via email to notify them of things like new product announcements or sales, which is a major change from the policy. Amazon Current, which is to limit the amount of interaction between customers and the companies that sell on Amazon, far from solving things like returns or order issues, according to what the verege reported.

According to CNBC, the new “Manage Your Customer Engagement” tool will not allow companies to send promotional emails only to past customers. They will only be able to contact Amazon users who have specifically chosen to follow a particular company, and it will be Amazon (not the sellers) that actually sends the emails.

Crucially, Amazon does not give sellers access to customers’ personal contact information. Instead, Amazon will tell brands how many customers they have chosen to receive the emails.

The new email campaign option is a free service to sellers, but it is only available for trademarks registered through Amazon’s Trademark Registration Program (a list includes big names like Garmin, GoPro, KitchenAid, and more).

But the new tool should be beneficial to brands that rely on the Amazon store as a way to reach their customers by giving them a new way to repeat the most enthusiastic buyers of new products or deals. However, customers who are afraid of being hit by bargain-hungry brands may want to take a look at the companies they currently follow on Amazon.

Source : Technology: Does Amazon allow sellers to communicate directly with customers through its platform?


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