Direct .. the match between Paris and Bayern Munich in the Champions League


Distinguished Yallakora visitors, follow us live and direct coverage of the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final.

The first leg between the two teams ended with the victory of Paris Saint-Germain by three goals to two in Germany, with the return match being held in France to determine the semi-finalist.

Paris Saint-Germain formation:

Goalkeepers: Keylor Navas.

Defensive line: Amadou Diallo, Pricnel Kimpembe, Danilo, Colin Dagba

Midfielders: Idrissa Guoy, Leonardo Paredes, Julian Draxler.

Offensive line: Neymar da Silva, Kylian Mbappe, Angel Di Maria.

Bayern Munich formation:

Goalkeeper: Manuel Neuer.

Defensive line: Benjamin Pavard, Jerome Boateng, David Alaba, Lucas Hernandez.

Midfielders: Joshua Kimmich, Alfonso Davis ,, Kingsley Coman.

Offensive line: Lori Sane, Thomas Muller, Chubu Moting.

the details

The first minutes of the match are dangerous by Paris Saint-Germain through the launch of Frenchman Klian Mbappe, but the ball passes peacefully at Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich dominated the first 5 minutes of the match, but without a real threat to PSG.

In the 9th minute, Mbappe launched and passed the ball into the penalty area, amid defensive confusion for Bayern Munich, the ball goes to Neymar, but Neuer saves the matter and pushes the ball away.

Bayern Munich continued its attempts from the Davis and Koeman front, but the attempts ended at the feet of the Paris Saint-Germain players without any real danger.

The first real danger for Bayern Munich in the 25th minute, with a superb shot from Sani that passed next to the post, after receiving a wonderful pass from Chubu Moting.

From outside the penalty area, Kimmich hit a powerful ball, but it also passed next to the Navas goalkeeper, Paris Saint-Germain, in the 26th minute, taking advantage of a mistake by Saint Germain’s defense.

In the 27th minute, Paris Saint-Germain was scoring from a counterattack through Di Maria, then Mbappe, and finally Neymar inside the penalty area, but Neuer pushed the ball away for a corner kick.

To see Neuer’s response … click here

Neymar continued his attempts, and shot a wonderful ball from outside the penalty area, but the crossbar this time opposed him and stood next to Manuel Neuer, to keep the negative tie between Bayern and Paris.

To watch Neymar’s chance .. click here

Neymar almost scored from a counterattack, but after receiving the pass inside the penalty area, he fired and the ball hit the post in the 39th minute of the match.

To view the opportunity, click here

Chubu Moting scored Bayern Munich’s first goal in the 40th minute with a header.

To view the goal .. click here

Alaba hit a powerful ball from outside the penalty area in the 43rd minute, but Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Navas pushed the ball away for a corner kick.

With the start of the second half of the match, Alaba shot a powerful ball in the 47th minute from outside the penalty area, but it passed next to the Paris Saint-Germain list.

In the 52nd minute, Saint-Germain almost scored the equalizer, after Di Maria received a wonderful ball inside the penalty area and dodged Davis, passing it to Neymar from between Noir’s feet, but he did not catch up.

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Di Maria hit a powerful ball from outside the penalty area, but it passed next to the post.

And Navas managed to save the net of Paris Saint-Germain from the opportunity to achieve Bayern Munich by Thomas Muller in the 61st minute.

In the 78th minute, Mbappe scored a goal, but the referee canceled the goal for offside, and Mbappe returned to set off for a second goal opportunity, but Bayern Munich defender Hernandez caught up with him and dispersed the ball away.

To see Mbabe’s canceled goal, click here

Sani managed to dodge the Bayern Munich defender and penetrated into the penalty area and hit a wonderful ball, but it passed by the Navas stand in the 82nd minute.

Neuer returned to continue his brilliance, knocked out his goal and deflected Mbappe’s pass, who led a counterattack to Paris Saint-Germain, before reaching Neymar in the 89th minute.


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